Rickshaw Run Rolling News - The August Finishers

Another Rickshaw Run is over. 

It's been sixteen glorious days of cows, tow ropes, breakdowns and cows but our rickshaw runners have bloody done it.  Using the most rudimentary of motor vehicles, they have migrated from drizzly Meghalaya to steamy Cochin. 

We've seen more than one rick in a ditch and enough shattered pistons to make a support group. but we are here now to celebrate their noble sacrifice of time and bodily comforts in the pursuit of foolishness.

Join us with a gin. 

26.08.2015 Rosa Earp

It was sixteen gruelling yet awesome days of danger and excitement, boredom and monotony, infantile jokes and profound conversations, idiotic antics and serious meditation, high morale and clinical depression, carbohydrates and curry, cows and goats, smiles and punches, mosquitoes and dirt, petrol and 2 stroke engine oil, friendship and adventure.

And...diarrhea. Loads of diarrhea.
— Team Draft
The taste of this victory will dwell on our tastebuds forever, and it’s spicy as fuck.
— Team Draft

So..... you had a good time then? 

25.08.2015 Rosa Earp

Thank you India.

Thank you for having mechanics that are open 24/7 365 days a year.

Thank you for offering delicious homemade food on every street corner and for saving our stomachs from Delhi Belly.

Thank you for letting us go our way with no more than a broken leg and some scratches.
— Cool Running India

24.08.2015 Rosa Earp

The stories are still coming in from the front lines and holy smoking engines this one is worth a read:

I was in the backseat. We took a sharp left turn coming downhill and the rickshaw flipped. I ended up beneath it, the frame fractured my arm in four places.

To use the doctors impressive if unnecessary description, the crash had “mangled the bones” in my left arm which required surgery for metal plates to be fitted either side.

One of which looks suspiciously like a Gilette shaving razor.
— The Mighty Tuks

Marvellous stuff. We've got a picture too:


24.08.2015 Rosa Earp

You've seen the finish party. Here are your finish line photos: 

24.08.2015 Rosa Earp

Everyone is allowed to get a little mushy. One time. You get one time:

It pushed us to our limits and allowed us to experience this country in such a unique way. Met some amazing people, and made some life long memories.

Highly recommend it to anyone.
— Bohemian Blokes

Be cool man. 

If it's the time for cliches, lets do them all.  Here's the co-ordinated jump victory shot. 

21.08.2015 Rosa Earp

As the morning after dawned and the photos came in, we realised our closing party deserved a whole post of it's own. 

Get in on the action here

20.08.2015 Rosa Earp

If you haven't drunk away your braincells, you'll remember how much these guys like a Party. 

The pictures aren't great, but as the well-known saying goes, you give a drunk man a camera you get what you deserve. 

20.08.2015 Rosa Earp

Blood sweat, tears and glory all round.
— Mr Matt

This year saw our first ever Rickshaw Run Kabaddi match. It was northern hemisphere vs southern and it was a rousing success.

In the end we declared a draw and the hemispheres live to wrestle another day. 

Perhaps you'd like to see some of the action? 

Sorry. We asked for pictures but they sent us homoerotica:


Of course the Kabaddi didn't mean we forwent the traditional closing cricket match.

Far from it. We bloody won the damn thing. 

Good sportsmen all. 

A fine set of fellows. 

20.08.2015 Rosa Earp

Team Shake and Bake. Having a blast.

20.08.2015 Rosa Earp

Team Curry Up.

Comes with brain scan. She's showing us the damage that mades the Rickshaw Run look like a good idea. 

20.08.2015 Rosa Earp

The Silver Foxes were first over the finish line... but I think that round thing is probably supposed to go inside the engine. Just my unqualified opinion.

The run may be over but you can relive the glory and the devastation on our Rolling News. You should start with Week 2.  We've got all the breakdowns and all the police encounters right there. 

You can sign up for the 2016 & 2017 Rickshaw Runs here.