Mongol Rally Rolling News Week 5

They say folk these days have short attention spans and an insatiable enthusiasm for the freshest of news. Luckily for those folks, we are givers.  It doesn't get fresher than this.

Get a load of Week 5.

17.45 21.08.2015 Rosa Earp

The sweet sweet chink of ice hitting glass. That sound means Friday and the rolling news takes another two day hiatus so we can investigate the perfect gin:bitters ratio. 

We'll be back on Monday with Week 6 but if its a change of pace you're after we've got a little something else to tickle your Rally tastebuds. It's only the best of the news so far. 

16.34 21.08.2015 Rosa Earp

A few (hundred) dollars short at the Iranian-Turkmen border Team Mong Direction were in a bit of a pickle:

Thirty minutes before the border closed we sat down and prepared for a) deportation b) indefinite habitation in no mans land or c) 300USD worth of sexual favours.

Thankfully James said he would step up to the plate if it ever came to this. He’s such a team player.
— Mong Direction

But did James put out? No. They owe their rescue to a nameless "organised" Mongol Rally Team and the strength of comradeship amongst the ralliers in the field. 

13.12 21.08.2015 Rosa Earp

We just got a call from a border. Made our fucking friday. Someone clearly forgot Rule 2: On Your Own.

It's all ok though. They just spilled their Fanta on their passport. 

Make sure they know there is an extra charge for long distance drying services.
We’ll have to send Aneurin out with a hairdryer.
— Dan - Adventurist HQ

We hear tears were shed and they got off with a warning.

Top tip from us: keep the bawler away from the paperwork.  You can have that one for free. 

To the team, we don't know who you are, but we salute your incompetence. 

16.15 21.08.2015 Rosa Earp

We managed to get done for speeding.
— Adventure for Dementia


This is what they are driving:

Adventure for Dementia. Blink and you'll miss them apparently. 

12.02 20.08.2015 Rosa Earp

Watching Jurassic Park in Ulaanbaatar instead of driving to the finish line is totally legit right?
— The Nerdventurists


14.30 21.08.2015 Rosa Earp

Remember the tracking map? It's still there.

Head over there for all the unfiltered nitty-gritty from the teams themselves. It's brutal stuff. 

15.47 20.08.2015 Rosa Earp

Worth getting a new spare or should we just avoid potholes on our last day of driving?
— FC Mongoal

I wonder what they did. 

After no sleep and twelve hours at the the Mongolian-Russian border we blew a tire 60 miles from the finish. We had to walk to the nearest town and wait for their tire shop to open.
— FC Mongoal

Ah. Sometimes fortune doesn't favour the brave.

They made it anyway:

FC Mongoal. The brave but unfortunate.

06.17 20.08.2015 Rosa Earp

We've also heard from Adventure for Dementia who are in Kazakhstan with "a list of problems as long as your arm." That list starts with "two smashed wheel bearings, fudged shoes and drums." 

They promise they are not giving up yet and despite being on breakdown 17, will bodge through to the finish. 

Good luck chaps. 

14.32 20.08.2015 Rosa Earp

Daisy, the Peugeot 205 ferrying team Mooving East is looking a little worse for wear. She's lost an eye and has taken to carrying around a memento mori:

We’re heading for the Pamir Highway. We’d should take a 4x4 and plenty of supplies. But Daisy and a few cans of beers will have to do.
— Mooving East

See you on the other side. 

14.05 20.08.2015 Rosa Earp

As they pass out the belly of the middle-east-internet-blackspot, many teams we've not seen for a while float back up to the surface.

We are thoroughly impressed that Two-stroke Rocket in their Trabant P are still with us.

Here they are, looking cheery at the mechanics only a few hours ago:

14.23 20.08.2015 Rosa Earp

Also still with us, the Cross-border Smugglers in their Reliant Robin. Thanks to them, we can bring you this gem of a video. This is how to charm the local coppers across the world:

Police Stops with Cuddles

We are stopped by the police quite a lot in Cuddles, we've only shown our documents three times up to now, only once were they checked. Here's a short video giving you idea how police stops go for us normally. We've only caught the last few, we now don't turn the ignition off completely so the dashcam keeps going ;)

Posted by Cross-Border Smugglers on Wednesday, August 12, 2015

13.18 20.08.2015 Rosa Earp

Off the road but still alive. The Dropbears and Team Uhuru in Mongolia. 

Team Uhuru. They were completely useless at beer pong but they proved pretty good at escaping the law.
— The Dropbears

Just the skills you want in your convoy companions.

The Dropbears ended up ditching the convoy and belting for the southern route. It did not go well. 

After a fatal breakdown, an battle with bureaucracy, an overnight bus and then hitching with other two other teams they made it to Ulan Ude. So smooth sailing from then on right?

We managed to get drunk on Russian vodka, misplace our passports and fail to board the train we had been driving like mad to catch.
— The Dropbears

Opps. Oh well. These chaps still managed to raise a thoroughly respectable 13,600AUD for the Royal Flying Doctor Service. And finished the Rally. 

Bravo gents.

It’s been a blast.
— The Dropbears

11.47 19.08.2015 Rosa Earp

Fuck that was brutal.
— Shake and Bake. In their rickshaw. At the finish line.

Our Mongol Ralliers don't get all the fun. 

The Rickshaw Run is shorter, the vehicles are shittier and the breakdown tally is higher. We hear they fucking love it. 

10.08 19.08.2015 Rosa Earp

We’ve now spent more time at this border than in France, Luxemburg, The Netherlands and Slovakia combined.
— Belgians to Baatar

I'm sure the Mongolian-Russian border is just as exciting for tourists as Luxemburg if you give it a chance. 

09.15 19.08.2015 Rosa Earp

We promised some shots of the Pamir Highway. Boy, can we deliver:

02.08 19.08.2015 Rosa Earp

Yeah. Thats about 600kms. The wrong way.

I told you Ulan Ude is not in China. Turn around....
— The Brazil Nuts

I have trouble with my rights and lefts too. Mind you, not this much trouble. 

18.08.2015 Rosa Earp

Team TLP. In Mongolia. 

Fucking fantastic. 

15.19 17.08.2015 Rosa Earp

We made it, the car made it, my luggage didn’t.

It fell out somewhere in the gobi desert, I have a small vestimentary issue at the moment.
— Nick - Belgians to Baatar

Good that you've got a party to go to then. Nudity at an Adventurist party is unremarkable. 

14.13 18.08.2015 Rosa Earp

"We said goodbye to our exhaust pipe and muffler." Yes. It looks like you did. 

Mongolia is basically the final boss level.
— Nerventurists

Certainly is. 

17.13 18.08.2015 Rosa Earp

Yet another auto repair shop refuses to charge us for services rendered.
— The Baked Potatoes

Living the dream.

09.53 18.08.2015 Rosa Earp

We may focus on the vanguard in the rolling news, but we have not forgotten about those pootling about in the middle. Here's Cowboys Ted at the gate of Hell in Turkmenistan. 

Cowboys Ted. Pootling.  

19.39 18.08.2015 Rosa Earp


An Irish team were being towed out of a river when we were informed there was a bridge just 1km down the road.
— Rage Against the Micra Machine

Oh no. We've all been there. Cocking it up and making extra work for yourself: round here, we call that Monday.

09.01 18.08.2015 Rosa Earp

It is high time we posted the finish line. Congratulations to the many teams who have crawled in. 

Now we have truly smelt it all. Well done teams. Now go have a well earned wash. 

17.02 17.08.2015 Rosa Earp

Team Uhuru are doing this shit right in Mongolia: 

19.40 15.08.2015 Rosa Earp

How was your weekend? Bet it was better than this:

This shit is getting real. We broke down in a desert and got stuck for two days waiting for someone to drive past. Managed to get towed 260 kilometers to the nearest hut by a mad local and reached a new top speed of 71mph in our hot rod.
We had to use the seat belts after the tow rope snapped.
— Adventure for Dementia

06.07 17.08.2015 Rosa Earp

We love some slow mo.

And you thought a Clio was a city car! Jeff took an absolute beating in the Pamir mountains, tackling 15km of sand, a...

Posted by The Mongraduates on Sunday, August 16, 2015

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