Mongol Derby 2015 - Race Report Day 8

Five more riders finished the derby today. Michele Tanaka, Maxim Van Lierde and Ben Wilks chose to cross the line together, just before 11 am. These guys have enjoyed every minute of the derby and have brought a smile to everyone they've come into contact with.

Braden Cameron and Patrick Stills also rode in at different points through the afternoon, looking like they had a tougher time of it than the five up front but still standing tall. this result gives New Zealand 3 riders in the top 7.

The weather on the course has changed markedly from the first half of the race and our medical crew have gone from treating heat stroke to mild hypothermia. 

William Graham perhaps more used to the baking heat of Queensland seems to have been hit worse than most. Yesterday he looked close to catching Patrick Sells, but today was only in danger of catching a cold.

In the early afternoon he requested help about 13km short of HS26, The cold had clearly affected him leaving him feeling cold and numb. He took a carry forward to the shelter of the Urtuu where he remained the rest of the day, presumably taking on hot tea, and noodles next to a warm fire.

Another rider taking a pummelling today has been Catriona Paterson. She took a fall today absorbing most of the impact with her face. A medic was called to suture her back together and she bounced back from the ordeal in her typically amiable manner.

Despite being unwell and no doubt feeling the weather Liz Brown and Iain Hayter are still riding strong with Liz likely to finish tomorrow and Iain in the back group who should get in on Friday.


The Full List of Riders can be found over on the Mongol Derby website. You can follow the live tracking of the rest of the race here, The Mongol Derby twitter is  here.

Applications for 2016 are open. If you prefer to participate than spectate you can apply here.