Where Are They Now?

Boris, the Moris Minor on team 2 Tees Please

Week 2 of the Mongol Rally 2015 is almost over, kicking and screaming to the end.

Seven teams have already wimped out before reaching The Good Bit. 

By our count, we've had four crashes and three teams have jettisoned someone annoying at the roadside. 

Those who have not capitulated to their difficulties are now experiencing the glorious efficiency of the Iranian border or navigating across the Caspian Sea. 

Converted a USD200 “penalty” with three days in jail in AZ down to three cans of Czech beer.
— The Anserimates
Some greasy fuck wanted 40 euro off us to let us leave Iran today.... who am I, Donald Trump?
— Super-Villians Deluxe
Team Uhuru find Genghis Khan

Team Uhuru find Genghis Khan

Meanwhile, there is sizeable northern contingent who are appreciating the girth of Mother Russia.

From within her bowels, three teams having an actual rally. 'Pimp my Hide,' 'The Horse and Radish' or 'Where Eagles Dare' will probably reach the finish line before it has opened.

It may have been a rushed job and over a bit quickly but your mums' will be proud. 

Your prize is two days in Ulan Ude, as you wrestle with completing the Mongol Rally without the Mongol. 



We were stopped by the police for driving the in wrong direction in Kyrgyzstan. We gave them an umbrella.
— Matej

Winning the prize for most northerly is Team How Hard Could It Be. Faced with a two day wait on the Russian border they have decided to drive up instead and are currently in Finland.

The latest update comes from inside the arctic circle and only a few days drive from Nordkapp. If they make it there, they'd be the first since 2010.

Furthest South are the Confused Vikings. It can be tough to get reliable information about your location in Iran, but we are hoping they know Mongolia is behind them.

Avoided a 200 euro fine and a 3 month driving licence suspension in Bucharest by showing the officer a map and smiling.
— Team YORKidding

Taking a leisurely pace and currently the furthest west, team Wrong Direction has decided to go through Africa and are hoping to cross into Morocco tomorrow. Nominative determinism in action. 

The gin is calling and the weekend is long. See you all Monday. To the teams, good bloody luck.