Rolling in a Reliant Robin

Nigel sacrificed himself to the gods of tarmac to keep us safe.

Cross-Border Smugglers had to stop in Bulgaria for emergency repairs to Cuddles the Robin and teammate Nigel. They managed to roll their reliant robin, before bouncing back onto all three wheels and causing some damn good dents in the process. 

They are stuck in Bulgaria relying on frantic gestures and blinding charisma to communicate with police and mechanics. Cuddles lost three windows, the integrity of the roof and pole position in the rally. Nigel lost the use of his right arm. 

Cuddles and team on a happier day. Mule, the gnome, was not injured in the incident. 

Nigel is currently in hospital looking at the four bars of metal where his arm was. "It is obvious that he is being introduced into a secret organisation experimenting with human-robotic hybrids" say teammates.

Feeling the pressure of time and the colossal number of miles to the finish line, Team Cross-Border Smugglers are ditching Nigel, the human-robot hybrid.   "We've been assessing the impact of losing our teammate, and the effect that it will have on the rest of our journey. With the extra space, we've agreed that we can expand our wardrobe and have four t-shirts each."

With no progress on the car at the mechanics, they have decided to bodge the job themselves. They hope to be back on the road with Cuddles later today.

Doors which locked reluctantly prior to her demise seem to work better now.