Mongol Rally Rolling News - Week 2

It's week two and the Mongol Rally is careening on towards Mongolia. 243 began: two cars are already out and many more are in trouble.

Most of the rest have got their shit out of Europe and are meandering through the Balkans towards the ever calm Iran. 

We're back with fewer braincells and a weekends worth of news to offload and this is the sock we are going to do it in. 

The week is over and we are retiring to the bar. We'll be back Monday bright and early sometime after noon to kick off Week 3.

Who is furthest ahead? That depends on your criteria but if you want the latest geography check in with the live tracker.

17.20 31.07.2015 Rosa Earp

Still surprised that Facebook is completely blocked, internet connectivity is limited and there are no ATMs. There IS Coca-Cola though.
— Nomad No Cry

Should be all you need in Iran. 

Also making a triumphant return, Rally for Rexy are just leaving Brussels in their repaired car. Best of luck chaps, you're shit-far behind. 

Back on the road again, ain't nothing stopping this beast! Let's haul ass towards the Middle East!!

Posted by Rally For Rexy: Mongol Rally 2015 on Friday, July 31, 2015

15.10 31.07.2015 Rosa Earp

Lots of teams are having trouble with police:

We made it to Baku with only three shakedowns from policemen. One literally started going through my pockets.
— The Renewables

Moral of this story: keep your cash up your bum. 

More news from Kangaskhan, who are enjoying their encounter with Russian bureaucracy: 

Good morning everybody!We're finally getting car insurance, after driving without it for 800km.Because Richard, the...

Posted by Kangaskhan - Mongol Rally 2015 on Friday, July 31, 2015
Dear Russia, we’re not deaf. Just ignorant and unprepared.
— Kangaskhan

It's going well then. 

21.09 30.07.2015 Rosa Earp

The Cross-Border Smugglers are making a triumphant recovery following their accident. After a magnificent bodge job, the team estimate Cuddles could be back on the road today with new windows, patched up seatbelts and a reinforced body. 

Looking shit-hot.

Meanwhile, Nigel has been flown back to the UK for more procedures:

Nigel will undergo several more surgical procedures in Sheffield. We understand this is to change his plugs so his robotics can be recharged in the UK.
— Cross-Border Smugglers

09.15 31.07.2015 Rosa Earp

We tried to overtake a Silver Hyundai. The driver took offence and stuck his arm out the window brandishing a handgun.

We gave him plenty of space.
— Kangaskhan


13.07 31.07.2015 Rosa Earp

We have had five or six breakdowns every day. Gutted we have to stop.

OMJ, one of this years' cheapskate teams, are turning back from Turkey. Their mini-scamp has had multiple tantrums every day which probably puts them at the top of the breakdown leaderboard. They have spent too much time modifying their vehicle on the roadside they don't reckon they can finish and are going to drink their way back though Europe instead. 

She may not drive like much, but we’re going to nurse her back to Bristol.
— For Those About To Yak

For Those About to Yak have bailed in Russia. Driving a modified VW, they are not enjoying the 'free-for-all' traffic of St Petersburg and are scared of the 'non-traffic' in the wilds of Mongolia. We have no clue what they thought they signed up for but they did achieve their main objective - getting to an ACDC concert in Riga.

Rocky Mountaineers are also out after an autobahn breakdown, as are Get on the Gryphon who are driving their pissing vehicle back from Turkey and shedding surplus teammates en-route.

Farewell teams. We suggest a millisecond of silence in memory of your aborted Rally.

16.30 30.07 Rosa Earp

Against all expectations, Adventure before Dementia and their shit Ligier are still with us. 

Our rolling turd just about managed to make it over the Transalpina, one of the highest roads of the Carpathian Mountains. Although Aaron did have to get out and push it most of the way up

Posted by James Cockshull on Saturday, July 25, 2015

16.14 30.07.2015 Rosa Earp

Loads of teams are experiencing breakdowns:

 13.07 30.07.2015 Rosa Earp

The Baked Potatoes have recruitment issues.  The team first jettisoned a member on day four - and the remaining duo have apparently broken up.  Custody of Cardis, a blue Mini, has already been decided.

It looks like I am getting more space in the mini.
— Jennifer, the sole remaining Baked Potato
Anyone in Southern-ish Georgia heading for Baku? I could use a ride.
— John, formerly a Baked Potato

The cause of their rift is unclear, but the last we heard, John was taking an overdue turn behind the wheel. We can surmise that didn't go well then.

We commend their determination to make it to the end. 

Satnavs are shit as mouldy toenails. Team Slightly Lost, Tops Off Disco and For Those About to Yak have been the most vocal. 

But google maps said there was a road there.
— Tops Off Disco

We have no sympathy. 

15.09 29.07.2015 Rosa Earp

Fuck everyone driving a Range Rover.
— Shitkickers

Brage from the Shitkickers, voice of a generation. 

14.47 29.07.2015 Rosa Earp

We've finally gotten our quietest team member making noise 3D Printing Systems GlobalFSD #mongolrally #hsj15

Posted by Hop Skip & A Jump : Making the Mongol Rally on Tuesday, July 28, 2015

If you'd like more videos of bearded men getting creative for "a stiff rear end," Hop Skip & A Jump can provide.

10.34 29.07.2015 Rosa Earp

Foreign Beggars got themselves trapped for 10 hours between the Russians and the Ukrainians on the border: a choice position.  

One of this years Cheapskate teams, they were determined not to lose their 'gentleman tramp' status by squandering money.  It took the sacrifice of supplies, a little photoshop on the V5 and a serenade to a border guard but Foreign Beggars are elated to have got through on their sixth attempt:

Fuck anyone and anything that tries to get in your way. There’s always a way and there’s always gin.
— Foreign Beggars

12.47 29.07.2015 Rosa Earp

The Cross-Border Smugglers are still stuck in Bulgaria following an accident. Hope you can get back on the road soon. 

20.16 28.07.2015 Rosa Earp

Super Villains Deluxe have made it into Iran. "It's a corker" apparently. Will they make it through Iran though:

There is an embargo in Iran. No atms, no banks and no paypal.

We realised after crossing the border empty handed.
— Super Villains Deluxe

06.13 29.07.2015 Rosa Earp

The Nerdventurists are in Cappadocia. And yes, a shit-ton of other teams sent their own selfies days ago but these guys got a picture with their car so they get all the internet credit. 

The Nerdventurists. Photo by Wanderlicous. 

 09.15 29.07.2015 Rosa Earp

Another night another dropout. Rally legend Phil Chapman has had to turn back. Russia, the soggy bastards, wouldn't let him in after an accident in Kazakhstan last year. 

The accident already caused a world of grief: a ruptured kidney, prolonged hospital stay and an unfinished 2014 rally. Phil, we salute you. See you next year. 

Also out are Mischief Mahem. Danny says the team were fractured by personal tensions, constant fighting and a dodgy car. They made it to Istanbul before the team dissolved in bitterness. Hope to see you next year too Danny.

16.13 28.07.2015 Mr Joolz

There's been talk about Mongol Ralliers getting softer, but if someone who takes a Porsche 944 on the rally has a micropenis these guys probably have cocks like obelisks.

The Cream of 2015

14.58 28.07.2015 Rosa Earp

 14.15 28.07.2015 Rosa Earp

Hello from Istanbul! It’s hot, sweaty but it’s beautiful.
— The Sundance Kids

It is pretty fucking beautiful.

21.04 28.07.2015 Rosa Earp

Team Strangefellows have made it to Romania but have jettisoned a teammate on the way. Mia has to fly to Scandinavia to track down her passport: last seen sporting a fresh Kazakhstan visa somewhere in Denmark. Or Sweden. How hard can it be?  

Mia has swapped a Renault Clio for a sofa in Charles de Gaulle airport. Might be a better nights sleep.

Mia has swapped a Renault Clio for a sofa in Charles de Gaulle airport. Might be a better nights sleep.

11.25 27.07.2015 Rosa Earp

Driving balls to the wall, A-Team Max East are currently skirting Kazakhstan and well into Russia. They are celebrating their lead in a hookers' hot-tub. Some well-earned repose or height of foolhardiness: only an STD test will tell. 

Found a hotel obviously formerly red light.... but whirlpool is good.
— A-Team Max East

16.58 27.07.2015 Rosa Earp

2 Tees Please have a new fix for cooling down "Boris" on the move. Looks like a decent solution.  

The oldest car on the rally, they assure us he has been getting plenty of attention:

We are constantly braking and accelerating just so Boris can have his photo taken. One guy was so keen he threw his phone at us. We missed it.
— 2 Tees Please

They are not the only team that are having mechanical difficulty: 

“Apparently our car could be terminally ill, but it could also be a pebble stuck somewhere.”
— Team Red Adder
We lost the shock - twice. Now held together with cable ties.
— Team OMJ
Team OMJ and the Empress of Hastings

Team OMJ and the Empress of Hastings

A classic on-the-road fix from the school of rally mechanics. 

16.54 27.07.2015 Rosa Earp

A week down and the tracker map is over-bloody-joyed it has something to track. Click on the image to get updates direct from the ralliers. Content may be unsuitable for the sensitive. 

 13.45 27.07.2015 Rosa Earp

We have no clue what the Tops Off Disco are trying to tell us. But we think it means the teams are doing the Mongol Rally proud:

We spotted our first Mongol Rally teams since Belgium. Two Aussie boys and their German whip came whoring past us on the way to Split and then Rage Against the Micra Machine were spotted flashing some locals further down the coast.
— Tops Off Disco

09.00 25.07.2015 Rosa Earp

Presented without comment. For legal reasons.

Left our hostel in Serbia to find a parking fine sitting on the windscreen. Don’t think this one will be getting paid because it got sucked out the window on a Bulgarian highway.
— Samuel L Yakson

06.58 25.07.2015 Rosa Earp

Despite being drunk at the time, he assures us it is the best tattoo he has to date. We salute you Russell.
— The Dropbears

Russell "Dropbear' Bowden, from Fast Lane Loners continued his streak of excellent life choices by doing the Mongol Rally and then getting a permanent reminder of it. Here he is on Saturday, at 7am celebrating his new ink of a rival team's name and logo. We think the real heroes in this story are James, Sam, Patrick and Eleonore who have managed to raise awareness about the very real danger of Drop Bears in Australia in a practical and highly effective way. Keep up the good work. 

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