Mongol Rally Rolling News - Week 1

On Sunday we waved 220 Mongol Rally teams eastward, to meet their European compadres in Prague and to make a fist of eventually reaching Mongolia and the finish line. 

Here is the rolling news from the first leg. Where the teams (hopefully) get their shit out of Europe.

That's the end of the Rolling news for week 1. Unlike on the road where the clock almost never stops us at Adventurists HQ return home at the weekend to bury our heads in buckets of gin to recharge our batteries for the the fresh onslaught.

Week 2 Rolling News will begin Monday, kicking off with any action from the weekend you might have missed before getting stuck in with the gritty bit when the teams get their shit out of Europe.

16:46 24.07.2015 Mr Joolz

How important is all that red tape eh? It often depends how cheeky your grin is and when the chap-in-the-official-hat last had sex. We advise people to heed the rules unless they're prepared for the consequences. This being the Mongol Rally, that's not advice always taken.

We'll be keeping an eye on these teams to see if they regret their shortsightedness. We're hoping not of course. It's a sad world where fortune doesn't favour the foolhardy.

Ok so we pretty much ignored the tolls and drove right past them on the way to Istanbul... Any other teams did the same and knows what’s gonna happen?
— Leo - Licky Charms
Make sure you V5 is in a members name and not the team name - I had to have a chat with the Police inspector at the border to explain why I was bringing a car into Turkey which is not in my name.
— Mark - Yorkshire Special Branch
Really need help anyone: if one of the drivers does not have an international drivers permit and is stopped, is it serious?
— Roy - Totinges Army

15.13 24.07.2015 Rosa Earp

Many teams are continuing to have mechanical issues. Rally for Rexy are still stuck in Belgium but had the sense to bus it to Amsterdam to wait it out.  Meanwhile, the Iron Badgers haven't started yet but plan on hitting the road "some time next week." Until then, their days "consist largely of eating cheese and drinking wine, usually near a large body of water." 

Some would be stressed, but these guys are Australian. 

12.59 24.07.2015 Rosa Earp

And another team goes down. Last seen south-east of Dresden with "white smoke coming from the car." The Gentle Wolves, we never knew you. 

13.20 24.07.2015 Mr Joolz

We've just had a load of photos sent over from our man in Sibiu, Vlad. Each year he and his chums at the Cotton Pub host a pit-stop, plying weary ralliers with free beer and good music until they can take it no longer.

11.30 24.07.2015 Rosa Earp

The rally's first marriage proposal, from a Romanian woman on behalf of her son:

Unfortunately though, Maartje wouldn’t be around for a wedding tomorrow so we had to pass.
— Nerdventurists

We reckon a wedding is worth hanging around for. You could trade her for tripe soup.

15.55 23.07.2015 Rosa Earp

We’ve just negotiated our car repairs for a bottle of Ben Nevis whisky... that was a waste of whisky.
— The Haggis Hunters, still driving with a dodgy radiator

18.25 23.07.2015 Rosa Earp

A bunch of teams may have made it there, but only TukTales rode down the Transfăgărășan highway on a pink kids bike and full lycra. They're from Norway though, so clearly they're fucking mental.

Vi nådde delmålet på 7500nok så Morten syklet.støtt vår sak på

Posted by TukTales - Mongol Rally 2015 on Thursday, July 23, 2015

A bunch of teams have made it to the Transfăgărășan Highway. We could mention that Jeremy Clarkson called it the "best road in the world" but he is a soggy bag of balls so we won't. 

Aaaaaaaand the first team goes down. 3 Fists In made it all the way to Belgium before going out in a pisspuddle of glory. 

Let's hope it wasn't those stupid great big wheels which broke the half shaft eh?

We are picking up the lingo, ‘caput’ means fucked.
— 3 Fists In

The team have a broken half-shaft but don't have the time, knowledge or money to fix it. You could say they're half shafted. 

Adventure for Dementia couldn't even make it to Belgium before being fined for driving too slow. Twice. "The reference on the receipt they gave us translates to 'stupid car on motorway.'"

What is it with the (usually reliable) Suzuki Swifts this year? We usually have at least one roll over each year from over-enthusiastic speed in the desert, but that's three broken down in 3 days now. 

This breakdown is from team Horse & Radish. Apparently they'll be back on the road before too long.

The ever gallant gents from Super Villians Deluxe. Cheeky fuckers:

The dubgirls got stung for 100 notes for almost doubling the speed limit. We watched it all unfold from a safe distance

Posted by Super Villains Deluxe on Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The white Skoda drivers of Slovakia make the Audi drivers of the UK look like they’re not even trying.
— The Micrateers

It's hotter than the devils cleavage out there: 

          "Why is it so fucking hot?" - the Nerdventurists

The teams are beginning to spread out across Europe like ants in a windtunnel. Some are bolting for the 'stans and others are going for more of a Grand Tour approach.  

Don't forget you can see the whole rally or follow individual teams here.

Praha Radio 1 sent a photographer along to Czechout to capture the action. Here are his shots. Who would've thought you could get good photos of a Mongol Rally party without nudity?

Kukaranakara take an adrenaline break in Croatia before going back to the routine of the road.  

Un poco de adrenalina en Croacia antes de volver a la rutina de la carretera!!

Posted by Kukaramakara Mongol Rally 2015 on Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Jennifer from the KhanQuistadors was unimpressed by the accommodation options in Czech Republic:

On the border of Czech Rupublic and Austria, we found ourselves in the charming town of Hate. As far as we can tell only hookers and heathens live here. We passed 15 brothels, complete with trailers which we assume have an hourly rent.
— KhanQuistadors

Those flames looking a bit silly now huh?

Not for the Social Driver have run into a 'minor hiccup' in Budapest. Ever supportive, the other ralliers suggest a hacksaw.

Adventurists Kev, pro hitchhiker onboard. Quick splash in a community swimming pool like a group of grubby paedophiles.
— Super Villains Deluxe

Can you teach him about personal hygiene while you've got him?

In honour of the 7th day since we left Canada, I’ve decided to make my first underwear change. Given the very hot sauna-like temperatures in our Micra my navigator Priya, the person who has to sit beside me 10 hours a day, was sincerely grateful.
— Gregg - Never look Yak

 Matt has become smitten with his shit-mobile. Mechaphilia it's called apparently, You can get help for it.

Matt has become smitten with his shit-mobile. Mechaphilia it's called apparently, You can get help for it.

Matt from Yorkshire Special Branch is getting a little too attached to his Ignis. She is a looker mind. But wait until she splits her sumps and pisses 10 litres of oil onto the kazak desert then refuses to start.

Anyone else going to have to have to have an awkward conversation with the Mrs when they get home because they’ve fallen head over heels for their motor?
— Matt - Yorkshire Special Branch

Apparently there's a whole generation of youth who don't understand photos unless they're square with a dodgy filter. If you're one of those crazy kids fear not. We've had one of our techo-monkeys translate the Mongol Rally into a language you understand.

Mongol Rally Instagram

The Sussex Rum Runners are back on the road. It only took a 24hour vehicle embargo and €1000 fine.

Sibling rivalry strengthened by adversity:

The Mongol Rally has a tendency to break the best of them. And the brother/sister part of the Baked Potatoes was not the best of them....

After a 14 hour drive, we pulled up into Prague with the team decision to split up. Brad has decided to join another team.

Anyone want to take bets on who makes it all the way?
— The Baked Potatoes

The kerbside suite for ralliers at the CzechOut Party:

Slept at an abandoned railway station in Prague last night with around 700 other Mongol Rally friends. Next Stop: Vienna
— Travelstache
Fire dancers at the Mongol Rally CzechOut party last night in Prague.... Things got pretty silly. I woke up under a tree, next to the abandoned railroad tracks.
— Travelstache

The Adventurists had lived up to their reputation by using one sheet of A4 paper to sign an area the size of the NEC. We were greeted by two of the Adventurists themselves who informed us that they had in fact been sweating buckets for three hours to arrange the whole thing. The total lack of signs, their calm demeanour and the half empty bottle of Chablis on the desk spoke otherwise.
— The Three Micrateers

From Adventurists HQ: always a pleasure.     

While we call Europe 'the easy bit' but for some teams it doesn't necessarily seem that way:

Rally for Rexy have broken down on day two. They seem confident they can pose though it. 

 A spot of trouble for the Sussex Rum Runners

A spot of trouble for the Sussex Rum Runners

Upon trying to leave Ramstein we discovered our car refused to start. First we tried swearing but the car seemed un phased . So we decided to pop the hood and really scare it into starting... the tough bastard wasn’t having any of our idle threats and continued its denial of service.

We noticed a small sausage shack lurking in the distance, we had a sneaking suspicion that all our golden beast needed was 3 hours of curried sausage farts ... and what would you know... after an hour of sausage consumption our golden chariot came roaring to life just in time for us an anally roar in return.
— Super Villains Delux

The Horse & Radish become the second Suzuki Swift to fall in the space of an hour 

 Fast lane loners (not so fast now, eh boys?) - somewhere outside Frankfurt

Fast lane loners (not so fast now, eh boys?) - somewhere outside Frankfurt

After breaking our window on the way down to Goodwood, we started using tape to hold it in place. Unfortunately our engineering wasn’t good enough and it fell down inside the door.
— Rage Against the Micra Machine

A new day and new adventures. Yesterday Helgi dropped our car keys between decks on the Dover ferry. What will happen today?
— Genghis Car

'Yaking around' join the list of teams who have broken down in the first 2 days

As if missing the ferry yesterday wasn’t bad enough, just broken down 14K from Calais. Random English dude mechanic is on the hunt for a distributor cap. Looks like we’re not going to be at the Czech out party!
— Lost saxons

Some great convoys on the way into Europe.  Who's up for Rally Bingo?

For the first time we've introduced a stop over on the first night of the Rally. Adventurists head of logistics, Mr Peter hosted beer and camping at an old circus site. A chance for Ralliers exhausted after the first day of the road (and any over-exertions the night before) to rest somewhere comfortable.

They finally began to appear, little lightbulbs skating across the city tundra to where we waited. Beer in their hands they smiled and looked in wonder at the expanses around them - warehouses the size of zeppelins, a railless platform where we had camped, brick stations with no passengers, sanddunes in the distance where a man dressed as a zany cowboy all in black with a red scarf walked the walk, photographers happily snapping..

We sat under a parasol with a veritable picnic bathed in the setting sunlight. Some stayed and chatted. Others found softer turf - tents went up and remnants of the launch order could be felt as they lined their cars in neat rectangles. Some 40 - 60 teams are now asleep dreaming fitfully of tomorrows journey to Prague.
— Mr Peter

They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with a small traffic jam and this was no exception.

The snarl-up leaving Goodwood was clearly visible on Google maps. The bad traffic followed many teams all the way to Dover with an number of teams missing their ferries.

 Here are the Nerdventurists stuck on the M23, The Mongol Rally gods doing their best to stop them even leaving the UK.

You can follow the action on our FacebookTwitterLive Tracking Map and here on the blog.

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