Mongol Rally Launch - Rolling news

Aaaaaaaaaannnnd we're back. The 2015 Mongol Rally launches today. Back at the home of racing, Goodwood Motorcircuit. The forcast for today is four hours of glorious silliness, with a smattering of car horns. At 12pm the heavens will open and unleash a flood of shit cars, towards the A27 heading East.

We're going to be reporting the whole day in this here rolling blog, as the teams arrive, start the festivities and inevitable collapse at the end of the evening.

'Lap of Honour' shots:

And they're OFFFFFF!!!!!!!

Teams making their way to the start line...

Just time for a quick photo before the off.

Our Sky banner reading "Good Luck 2015 Mongol Ralliers" I wanted it to say "We've got Farage tied up in the back" but they wouldn't let me.

Someone left a giant stuffed wolf in the campsite with a note 'Please take me to Mongolia' Solo Rallier Lukie, from Genghis Kaaaang took up the challenge and now has some company for the long road ahead.

That's one hell of a hitch-hiker

We’re not sure if we’ll make it, but we’ll definitely make it out of Goodwood.
— Mad Bombers
I’m nervous, the car isn’t ready. The lights don’t work, the doors don’t fit, but we’re ready
— Team OMG

As an homage to our stable of adventures we've thrown the world's slowest drag race. Pitting a Ural against a mongolian stallion, against a Rickshaw, against a paramotor, against a Mongol Rally car, against a Brompton. 

The Rally launch is being followed by Champion jockey (and aunt of 2014 Mongol Derby winner) Lucinda Green MBE:

Today's celebration will be presided by bath-tub explorer Mr Tim Fitz-Higham:

In case you missed it, things got delightfully carried away last night:

Sore heads and beaming smiles over on the campsite this morning.

You can follow the action on our FacebookTwitterLive Tracking Map and here on the blog.

You can sign up for the 2016 Mongol Rally Here.