Mongol Rally Pre-launch Rolling News

Launch weekend is upon us. The sun is shining at Goodwood and in the background expensive supercars are roaring around the circuit. Tomorrow far crapper cars will kiss its tarmac, but today is more about beer. And possibly the packing and repacking of cars, in a blind panic.

We're going to be reporting the whole day in this here rolling blog, as the teams arrive, start the festivities and inevitable collapse at the end of the evening.

After all the shouting all that's left is to party. Which is exactly what's going on to world class standards here in Goodwood. Check out the rest of the photos here. Fuck it. I'm off to join them. Until Tomorrow. Mr Joolz signing off.

2015 will be remembered for the quality of its ralliers. A truly sterling bunch.

There is a trend this days of newly married young ladies having a 'trash the dress' party. An opportunity to wear their wedding dress one last time and to get some photos as it descends from pure, innocent white, to sinful, mucky brown. 

Hannah from Canadian Team Skookum Caboose, is taking her nuptial gown on the ultimate 'trash the dress'' Yep, you guessed it she's dragging it along on the Rally. By the end it will probably be as dirty as her soul after 6 years of marriage.

This is possibly the greatest thing I've seen on the Rally for a year or two. Taiwanese team, Dreamers decided their car was a bit boring so traded it in for a couple of bikes. That's not great. What's great is the fact that there's four of them. 

Even better is the fact that when they get home they're going to keep going. Until they get home. In Taiwan. They are in for a pretty uncomfortable ride but if they make it will become heroes.

Speaking of heroes we've got some Mongol Rally Royalty here today. Mr Graham Berghardt did the Rally 3 times in a row from 2007 to 2009.


If adventure favours the last minute then Kangas Khan are in for a bumpy ride. They signed up for the Rally just over a month ago and Richard (pictured right) only just passed his driving test this morning.

Fortunately the empty roads of Mongolia are the perfect place to hone your driving. And once you've battled the traffic of Istanbul Ulaanbaatar and Barnaul, you can happily drive anywhere.


Team Aquila testing their car security (by locking their keys inside):

 You can see the rest of the pictures  here

You can see the rest of the pictures here

There's a lot of talk both at Rally HQ and amongst soon-to-be-ralliers about the difference between Luxury and Essential items. Well Ndanka Ndanka Illustrate the point perfectly. A mini motorcycle is a luxury item. Awesome to have. Not essential. A full sized flag pole is an absolute essential, like wheels, and headlights. It should be part of the MOT.

'For those about to Yak' have just arrived from the US of A. No one told them that we have cars in the UK so they brought their own:

For those about to Yak (we salute you) brought their super modified crapheap all the way from The America

Our chums Cool Earth are here to meet the teams and drink beer (Some of them possibly more interested in the beer):

We've also got a few teams who might not make it to Dover:

Hey guys. Any mechanics at Goodwood today willing to take a quick look at our car. We are having a small issue with power. Not sure if its fuel or not. We will buy you beers. Thanks
— Russell - team unknown

We're running a sweepstake in Adventurists HQ, how many teams won't make the launch due to technical woes? Looks like we've already had a few:

We still don’t have seats fitted in the car and only just applied for the Russian visas! Not catching the ferry until Tuesday but it will not dampen our spirits and we will find you all drunk in a gutter somewhere along the way.
— Mooving East
Discovered this morning that brakes have become an optional extra on Genghis. They’re being bled now but it might be the master cylinder...
— Gehngis Khan't and the Mongrels

Mr Phil Chapman is back for a second lick at the lolly after his 2014 Rally ended in a spectacular fashion.

Phil could only get a couple of weeks of work so he's already taken his bike to Warsaw where he'll fly out to meet it tomorrow.

Because of the unfortunate circumstances he left Kazakhstan on his last effort he's not welcome back there, but he's only got eyes for Mongolia and the finish line anyway.

At Adventurists HQ we raise our hats to Mr Chapman and unfinished business. Let's hope lightning doesn't strike twice eh Phil?


There seems to be an reccuring theme of teams being spectacularly late:

We are only running 5 hours late... finally leaving devon now, save a beer or ten for us, won’t be at Goodwood before 6pm...if our schedule runs this far behind all the time we should hit mongolia by christmas 2016
— Chloe - Team Alliance

The first teams to register are the first teams to the bar:

The First team is in. Good show Team Pandaraptor. Shame you're at the wrong gate.

The Adventurists team, whistling joyfully while the set up this morning:

Or crew aren't the only ones on their way. 250 Rally teams are (hopefully) rolling Goodwood-bound. 

The Confused Vikings are on their way. Hopefully you are too.

And so it begins...

Posted by The Confused Vikings & the Delayed Mongolian Invasion on Friday, July 17, 2015

As always an impressive array of stuff you lot have. A good selections of the essentials, tea, gadgets, noodles and a nun's outfit. No, we've no idea either. It probably helps with border crossings. 

You can follow the action on our Facebook, Twitter, Live Tracking Map and here on the blog.

You can sign up for the 2016 Mongol Rally Here.