James's Fundraising Wisdom

Through May James from Cool Earth & Mr Joolz were asked to raise £500 for Cool Earth. To make things interested we made it a head to head to see who could raise the most. Here's how James did.

James and Cool Earth Chief Matthew after completing The Falmouth Half Marathon

James took on four sets of challenges; one week of eating bugs, one week of getting to work in stupid ways, one half marathon and the bleaching and dying of his hair and eyebrows. After each challenge he put videos out on social media and rattled the virtual buckets.

James's Top 5 Tips:

Zero to hero in two easy steps

1) Videos and pictures are key – Most of my donations came on the back of posting clips of the challenges I’d just done. People are often hesitant to donate until they see some evidence of your tomfoolery.

2) Don’t stop hassling your friends – Friends and family will be your biggest source of donations, so don’t let them get away without supporting your cause.

James' 4 hour commute by spacehopper

3) People want to hear your story – Getting local press involved is often surprisingly easy, with just a couple of emails and some pictures I got in the local paper and on the radio.

 4) Keep people updated – People love to follow a story, so make sure to document your progress in interesting ways and share it across the internet.   

 5) Don’t be afraid to do things different – There’s no right or wrong way to fundraise so think outside the box, be different. The world doesn’t need any more cake sales.  

Down but not out

What I’d do differently

If I’d been more organized then I would certainly have put on an event. They’re a great way to raise a lot of money quickly and to promote your cause in the processes. 

How much time and effort I put in.

The challenges didn’t take too long to plan or set up; instead most of my time was spent editing images and videos. If you can persuade your friends and work chums to lend a hand you’ll be able to organize a lot surprisingly quickly.

High Point –  The moment I gracefully dismounted from my space hopper into a broken heap on the floor after a 4 hour commute.

Low Point – When the small amount of dignity I had left was cruelly taken away from me as my eyebrows turned green. 

Here are the highlights of James's fundraising:

You can still donate to James's campaign here:

Keep an eye on the blog next week for Mr Joolz's first fundraising pledge.