Mongol Rally in Pictures - The Mongolineers

This could be the most important decision you make. More important than sticking your finger up your bum to see if you've got prostate cancer, more important than choosing to go to university, more important than registering to vote.

Do the Mongol Rally. Not only do you get to see a hard to reach part of the world, and meet a load of interesting people, but you learn loads of cool stuff. Like how long you can go without changing your pants, or what happens if you eat nothing but instant noodles and dried apricots for a month, or how to navigate by the stars, or how to fix your air filter using an old sock.

Back in September we showed you this great video by team Mongolineers. Here are the shit-storming photos that to go with them.

2015 Mongol Rally sign-up ends 15th May, to get your spot head over to the Mongol Rally pages of the website.