Cool Earth £400,000 and Rising

Don’t adjust your screen, you’re not still suffering blurred vision after last night's gin escapades, you Adventurists really have raised £400,000 for Cool Earth.

This is an indescribably excellent amount and we love you all immensely for it.

But what would happen if all this cash fell into the hands of someone far less responsible than us? Like, say, a millionaire playboy with an eBay addiction?

Well we’ve scoured the Internet for some of the more ludicrous ways to spend £400,000. Here are some of our favourites.


A bomb-proof disused fort in the middle of the Thames

Ever lusted after your own impenetrable fort? Well this one is up for grabs amongst the murky waters of the Thames.

Cost: £400,000



Fancy pretending you're buzz lightyear whilst exploring the sea floor? If so this suit is for you.

Cost £363,280


Dodge Tomahawk V10 Superbike

If you have the urge to ride like you're in a Marvel comic, this silver monstrosity could be be right up your alley.



Sunset Key Island

Your own private island of the coast of Florida. Need we say more?



40,000 pots of premium Moustache wax

Enough 'tash wax to supply an army.


So there you have it, £400,000 can buy you some fairly outrageous, ridiculous and pointless things.

Luckily at Cool Earth we have a strict No Exosuit policy so you can be sure that all your donations will be going straight to the rainforest. The £400,000 you've raised is doing remarkable things, many of which you can read all about in our latest Project Update.

Another massive thank you from everyone at Cool Earth HQ and from all our community partners in Peru.

Onwards, save the world, we salute you.

James and the Cool Earth Team

Remember - if you're on one of our adventures in 2015 you can win a trip to visit the Ashaninka in the Peruvian rainforest, to see the work Cool Earth are doing there. To be in the draw you need to raise £1000 for Cool Earth.