Yabba Dabba all gone to shit

Some days you're the dog. Some days you're the lamp post. The glory of finishing the Rickshaw Run partly stems from the knowledge it could so easily go hideously wrong.

As we repeatedly say a rickshaw ins't designed for long distances, so there's a fair chance getting to the finish will be fraught with calamity. All you can really do is chalk it up as a learning experience.

After all whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Except perhaps for one of those nasty muscle wasting diseases.

When it all goes to shit what you need to do is laugh it off, get yourself a warm beer and work out how best to keep going. After all these are the bits the best stories come from. If you want to know how to do it right, take a leaf out of these guy's bush.

The hardest part is the amount of chai I’m having to drink. Every time someone pops over to say ‘hello’ he has another bloody round of chai with him. I must be about 10 down by now...
— Justin

Yabba Grabba Chicken Curry got one of the older Rickshaws in the fleet. with 60,000 gruelling miles on the clock. They broke down 7km from the start with a broken piston. Not to be set back they went about replacing it when the sandstorm hit - filling the cylinder with grit. Less than a kilometre later this caused the engine to fail necessitating a ride on the back of a truck. 

They got a ride to Pokhran where the engine was stripped, cleaned and rebuilt. Only for the new piston to shatter the next day. After another four hours at a mechanic they had a new piston, which this time lasted less than five minutes before joining its predecessors.

This meant another truck ride to Jaipur. Where they plan to treat the old girl to a whole new engine. It all makes for more kudos on the finish line. And the victory beers will taste all the better.

Still smiling despite the broken nose (and broken rickshaw)

Managed to punch myself in the face while changing our broken piston - hence the broken nose
— Justin

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