The Mongol Rally Cheapskates

We want to prove the Mongol Rally wont land you in more debt than taking out two payday loans. To do this we've elected three Mongol Rally teams to prove how cheap the Mongol Rally can be. These chaps and lady chap will do everything they can to minimise costs so they can save money for important things like medical grade heroin and charities.

At the end of the rally we'll get our calculator out and work out which team has spent the least during and before the rally. The biggest cheapskates will earn £500 in dirty used banknotes - a small fortune to a proper tightwad.

These are the teams risking ridicule and salmonella to be crowned Mongol Rally Cheapskates:


Team 1 Foreign Beggars

Carey & Tim hail from the long dead era of 'gentlemen tramp' - the glory days when tight-fisted explorers would travel the world hitching, stowing away and offering sexual favours for food. Tim's principle act of tighwaddery was the time he gave a handjob to a taxidriver for a late night ride home.

The Foreign Beggars will leave no stone unturned in their quest for Mongol Rally cheapness, everything from busking for petrol to eating out of dumpsters.

Foreign Beggars

Team 2 Corsa Can

Jade and Ashley have already saved a few quid by 'borrowing' their car from Jade's mum (they've not told her what they're doing with it). She's cool with them using it, as long as they return it with a full tank of petrol. Though she might have a change of heart when she gets it back.

They will save cash on the road by sleeping in the car & couchsurfing, they've starting learning how to cook on their engine. They've also got a bunch of out-of-date first aid equipment from a local car home.

Team 3 OMJ (One Man's Junk)

A bit of a wildcard here. Pete and Mikey are confident they can do the southern route of the Mongol Rally for less than the price of a week at Butlins.

They're spending all their cash on visas and insurance (which they think they can get back in sponsorship) and will sleep in the car and eat dried food on the road. They've picked up a 44 year old mini scamp and will rely on their own technical skills to get it to finish line. They will also do what they can to fix fellow ralliers cars for warm food & beer.

If you're on the rally this year and have any money saving tips send in your cheapskate suggestions, photos and videos for chances to win regular prizes.