Rickshaw Run - First Teams Roll In

The only prize for finishing first on the Rickshaw Run is a tiny trophy and a slow handclap. Neither  are delivered with much sincerity. It's not that we're not pleased to see you. It's not that we're not impressed with your endeavours. It's that everyone still on the road is having more fun. 

For the little it's worth, first across the line were veteran adventurers Smiles & Miles followed by Keep Exploring; in off the back of a mammoth 22 hour 700km ride. Suffice to say they look slightly battered by the experience.

Yesterday we slept in a slum, the night before we slept in an ATM booth. We were woken by the guard who wanted to take a picture with us then throw us out.
— Keep Exploring

You can follow the last of the action here on The Jibber, on our Live Tracking Map and our FacebookTwitter pages. You can find out more about future Runs as well as links to sign up over on the Rickshaw Run pages of the website.

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