Rickshaw Run - Good Week Bad Week

Good Week

Many of the teams passed though Varanasi over the last couple of days. Some of them took a boat trip on the Ganges and lit candles for the mighty Rickshaw gods. Got to be worth a few Karma points, right?

Tuk Fast Tuk Furious 1 & 2 

Teams 'Goobers' and 'Ketchup & Mayo' cross the Ganges.

It isn’t an official #RickshawRun until you’ve driven through the highways of Bihar at night with no brakes & no horn
— Derek - Teen Romanchak Yaar
We stopped at a petrol station and Benny said I was a super star in Germany, promoting a film called ‘Catan’ & I made a speech and they took about a thousand photos”
— Charly - Team Catan

Bad Week

It seems a lot of the teams have the Bihar Blues; an unfortunate situation caused by bad roads, bandits and broken rickshaws. Don't blame the rickshaws though, after 2000km of constant abuse it's not surprising the old girls are past their best.

 'I was breaking in my head' Sophie - 50 shades of Ghee

'I was breaking in my head' Sophie - 50 shades of Ghee

Team Keep Exploring is trying to cross Bihar in one day, 500km to go with a broken piston, a loose exhaust broken wipers and heavy rain.
— Daniel - Keep Exploring

Team Yabba Dabba Grabba Curry are back in the brown stuff.

All gone to shit again...
...we have had so many break downs, our marker pen has run out.
— Justin - Yabba Grabba Curry
Been on the road for five hours and only covered 100km so far. This is by far the most trying day... in fact it’s a nightmare.
— Lost in Spice

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