Rickshaw Run - Rattling East

The April Rickshaw Run is slowly rattling East; with some teams stopping to enjoy the sights, some riding as many miles as possible and others just battling to keep going.

And they've not even got to the really bad roads of Bihar and the Himalayan foothills yet...

Pro tip: Put your knee out of the rick so the wind can flow inside your shorts and cool down your balls.
— Paulus - AEGEE-Drienerlo
We got into an incident today and my team-mate had to have a foot amputated. Not a problem though, rickshaw is still good and we’re near to Jaipur already. Thankfully the rickshaws only have one pedal too. Anyone about for a Kingfisher?
— Warren
Driving in India at night, after your lights break and horn stops working, yeah that’s fun
— (Famous last words) Ryan - Teen Romanchak Yaar
 Spotted by team Hindi 500 - fucking cows

Spotted by team Hindi 500 - fucking cows

New Rickshaw Run record? 455 km in one day (Dr Rick)

You can follow all the teams here on The Jibber, on our Live Tracking Map and our FacebookTwitter pages. You can find out more about future Runs as well as links to sign up over on the Rickshaw Run pages of the website

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