April Rickshaw Run - Pimping up a storm

The April '15 Rickshaw Run launches April 6th. We've dusted down the Maharajah's palace, chucked a few thousand beers on ice and quietly suggested the local traffic cops have the next couple of weeks off.

The crack team of artistic visionaries that make our our pimp team have just unveiled the first of their creations and by fuck do they look good. A collection of Rickshaws so beautiful it's almost a shame to get them dirty, dented and scuffed. A set of paintjobs so impressive it almost disguises the inherent shit-ness of said steeds (almost).


BW 9560 (Man smoking pipe) - AEGEE-Drienerlo

BG 9954 (Hands with flags) - Fun Tukking Tastic

BQ 8807 (Indian patterns) - Harvest India

BG 9916 (Tiger face) - The Brothers Brown

no number plate (Face with hands) - Smiles and Miles

BG 9628 - Wakeford 2

BG 9734 (Maple Leaf) - K'omoks Kanuckleheads

BQ 8869 (Gorillas heads) - Jimmy Rustlers

BQ 8839 (Orange with flowers) - Namaste - out of my way

You can follow the teams here on The Jibber, on our Live Tracking Map and our FacebookTwitter pages. You can also check out the hashtag #RickshawRun on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

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