Ice Run 2015 - the Story so Far

It's probably about now the Ice Runner Pioneers realise exactly what they've got themselves into. We warned them the Ice Run would be tough and they all confidently assured us they were up for the task. After a couple of days in the saddle they're probably beginning to rue that confidence.

A few days ago we introduced you to the bikes. At the beginning of the training weekend we put the vehicle licences in Katy's hat so the teams could draw their steeds. Here's how they paired up, and Katy's observations from test driving.


She’s sweet, let’s hope she stays that way
— Eacha Uisci

Eacha Uiscí - Uinsionn and Cathal - 'Panzer'

Having burned through a coil and warped a wheel in training the Irish boys are now running well.

Uinsionn and Cathal (Eacha Uiscí) testing the handling of 'Panzer'

Despite her cosmetic changes, she’s still a lady. Beautiful, but not easy.
— Eric

Amerikhan Boys - Eric & Scott - Eva

Katy reports that these guys are 'demon riders', they pushed the bike hard in training, flipping Eva more than once. She lost her exhaust today giving her a voice like Tina Turner.


On The Rocks - Dennis & Matt - Battersea

She had a bit of a fire after we were forced to jump start her dead battery in training. She was since re-wired and given a new battery and is now running on full power. Still temperamental though.

On the ice... 3 breakdowns, 2 fires, flat batteries, no brakes and 1 crash! Living the dream..

Hemendik Horra - Joseba - Christine

Chewing through spark plugs like they were Doritos.


Meh-Teh - Ashwin & Natraj - Black Caviar

They are insane, the bike suits them well. They got up to 90kph yesterday.


Bandits on Ice 1 - Travis & Ellie - The Midwife

Great Bike, she had some blocked tubes and wanted an oil change, but she's got her spark back now.


Bandits on Ice 2 - Pete & Dave - Cerberus

Bike and riders very strong, going great.


Bianco, Rossi e Verdoni - Antonio & Emmanuele - Tram 

They have nicknamed her 'Nonna Ural', Super reliable. Likes oil, she's a goer.


Old Man Hughy & The Blizzard of Coz - Hugh & Coz - Nancy Snow

Her kick started broke in training but Hugh fixed her with a big rock. By all accounts a great team.


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