Uinsionn O'Connor / Cathal Cullen

The penultimate Ice Run pioneers are Uinsionn and Cathal from Ireland. Modest, unassuming and proper hardcore gents, we'll let them introduce themselves.

About Uinsionn

In my free time I like to fly, sail, surf, or shoot. I like to set an annual challenge for myself e.g parachuting, bungee jumping, performance car driving, dive the barrier reef, sorta stuff. Did a spell working in a Russian nuclear plant shortly after Chernobyl, and worked on a building project in Haiti after their devastating earthquake, worked as a drop pilot for a parachute club, oh yeah, and I did the Rickshaw run in 2012.

About Cathal

I am a 53 year old married father of 3 from Dublin. I have been a Police officer for the last 29 years. For about 15 years I was riding a Police motorbike doing high speed escorts, organs for transplant, cash escorts and dangerous criminals. the rest of the time I spent dodging work. In 1997 I spent a year working with the U.N. in Bosnia and then returned to work in Dublin. When I got to old to ride bikes at work they gave me a job minding and driving government ministers. This turned out to be a great job as I worked week on week off. I can retire in a years time but dont think I will as I will be still paying off the Ice Run.