Cash in on some Karma With Frank Water

Even the most pious choirboy could do with a couple of extra Karma points now and again. And I'm willing to wager my second best brogues that your behaviour has been less than exemplary of late. What better way to balance your moral account than helping to supply clean water to some of the poorest and most vulnerable? With our chums Frank water you even get to have fun in the process.

Curry. A familiar concept by now, we’re sure. As a Rickshaw Runner’s staple diet, you’ll have sampled every recipe that India has to offer and experienced the varied (and often unpredictable) effects as you journeyed across the land of Balti, Biryiani and onion Bhajis.

Back in the UK, for us - curry takes on a slightly different meaning – as a way of raising money and save lives. Karma Korma is the flagship fundraising campaign from FRANK Water. 

Cook a curry, raise funds, save lives. Simple. Put on your pinny, dust off your wooden spoon and get cooking. (Alternatively, speed dial your local takeaway – we won’t judge). Invite your friends. Ask them to donate in exchange for your culinary magic and there you have it. Good Karma in spades.     

FRANK Water work across India where 91 million people have no access to a safe supply of water and 792 million have no toilet. Taken together, it’s no surprise then that more than 186,000 children die every year from diarrhoea caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation. FRANK Water provides access to safe water and sanitation for thousands of the poorest, most vulnerable people in the world.  

Over the years, the Rickshaw Runners have raised an amazing £750,000 – a phenomenal amount for bumping across India. This has allowed us to develop our work and reach over 200,000 people giving them access to clean drinking water, saving many lives in the process.  In order to continue, FRANK Water still need your support and what better way than to reminisce over a curry and plan your next adventure. 

2015 is FRANK Water’s tenth anniversary. Sign up to Karma Korma today and help save lives in India.

Bristolians, come and cleanse your filthy souls

The people of Bristol are a particularly dirty and debauched lot. Fortunately on May 14th the good folk at Frank are throwing a Bollywood party at The Thali Cafe in Bristol. 

There'll be cocktails, a 3 course dinner and music by Bhangra behemoths RSVP. Also the chance to further polish your karma halo with an auction & raffle.

The perfect antidote to the sinful existence you've been indulging in of late.