The Cool Earth 1000 Club

For the past two years Cool Earth have been running a competition for you lovely lot. Given all the hard work you put into fundraising to help save the world, they thought it only appropriate to say thank you. And it’s a pretty good thank you they’re offering.

Teams that raise £1,000 or more will be put into a draw (which may or may not involve snails). If your team wins, you’ll be off on an all expenses paid trip to the heart of the rainforest where you will stay with our rainforest partners, the Asháninka.

Cool Earth’s Asháninka partnership is made up of 16 villages in Peru’s Ene Valley. The valley is one of the world’s most at-risk forests, with illegal logging and coca destroying lives and the landscape. Saving this forest is where all the money raised by you lot is spent. If you win the competition you’ll get to see the difference you’ve made first hand.

Cool Earth would love to take everyone to visit the rainforest but alas it cannot be, so make sure you get your team in the running by hitting that £1,000. If you’re finding fundraising a little hard to handle then Cool Earth have put together some invaluable resources to help you on your way.

We know you’re not the ‘play by the rules’ kind but to find out more about the competition and to read Ts&Cs go here.

So what are you waiting for? Set up your fundraising page and start tapping up your workmates, friends and impressionable relations, and you could be on your way to the rainforest.

The 2014/15 winners, Team Nomad