Ngalawa Cup Rolling News Pre-launch

The Ngalawa Cup launches January 1st 2016. Our 9 brave teams will blast into the Indian Ocean and spend the first days of 2016 trying to keep their knickers dry. They will fail and we will be watching

Until then, our sailors are battling through the theory briefings, first foray onto the water and trying to remember how to tie knots.

Here's the round up of the news from the water.


Mr Joolz 01/01/16

There have been a couple of boats badly moored leaving them to drift away and a couple damaged/capsized in the tricky crossing between Pemba and Zanzibar leading the race crew to stop the race. Rather than an official race hold the start flag has been pushed back to 02/01/16 which should give us enough time to get a couple of replacement ngalawas.

Mr Peter 01/01/16

Summary of Pre-race Training (Extended Session)

A new rudder for 'Mother Luffers'

  • 2 boats fell apart between Pemba and ZanzibarClub Rufaro and Pilate Canadiences
  • 2 boats were lost due to being improperly anchored - Zanzibarmy Army and Between the Sheets (the latter will possibly be recovered)
  • 1 boat was in need of repair before it would be able to make the crossing - Mother Luffers

Mother Luffers rudder breaks on departure from Pemba are towed back to shore for a beachside repair using nails and string.

Club Rufaros Ngalawa begins to break up at sea - they float around for some hours before being saved by shiny heroes with knives between their teeth. The boat is stripped of all that can be saved and the hull drifts towards India

Pirate Canadiences overturn their Ngalawa and can't right it. Eben comes to the rescue but the boat has begun to fall apart due to high seas and battering

Between the Sheets and Zanzibarmy Army anchor badly on arrival on Zimbabwe. Their Ngalawas drift away. One of them is potentially not far from Tumbatu Island. They have gone off to chase it. 

The party at Gerrys Bar was merry. The food was fantastic. Some pirates drifted down the beach to more parties - playing well worn disco music until sunrise.

Shots from pre- race training

It's not all maps, knots and sails in the classroom - there's also plenty of fun to be had on the water

Rosa Earp 31.12.2015

Another line from the master of event management Peter. It sounds like the warm up to NYE is going well.  

In the company of Ship Happens, The Mother Luffers, one Bambu Hero and the Big Shot Duo we drank heartily of gin and spoke of horses, wardrobes and capsizing until midnight.
— Peter, Captain of Logistics

You can get all the updates from the teams and follow the race on our tracking page below:

 Rosa Earp 30.12.2015

"We have been allocated our Ngalawa Lady, who we will be spending lots of time with. The sail, knots, etc have been a bit more involved than expected. Some sailing starts tomorrow." Marlon, Club Rufaro

Rosa Earp 8.12.2015

An update from logistics man Peter, in all it's unedited glory:

The querulous slowness of action at the Dar Es Airport Information Centre meant staying a night in Dar Es. Today has offered wonderful talks with Chad, a Mother Luffer, as I wait for a possible seat on one of the three flights to Pemba Island and a meet with the South African duo from Big Shot Media. I gave them the devices for Dylan and after an initial concern regarding the contents of one black bag, convinced them it was not full of dead cats.
It rains.

Report from the Out of Africa Cafe,
Domestic Flights Terminal,
Da Es Airport.
— Peter, Head of Logistics

Rosa Earp 27.12.2015

As we gear up to the launch, the boats get the final seal of approval from the crew on the ground:

"Your chariots await!" Eben - NC Crew


The Ngalawa Cup launches on January 1st you can follow all the action here on the blog, the tracking map, the Adventurists TwitterInstagram and Facebook, or you can just jump straight to the Live Dashboard.

If you prefer to participate than spectate (or if you like both) there are spaces on the June edition. You can sign up by hitting the big red button.