Rickshaw Run Rolling News - Prelaunch

January 1st 100 Rickshaws will flood Cochin like rainwater in a North England town. Unlike the floods they will bring colour and joy wherever they go. But before that, there's the small matter of some test driving, rickshaw pimping and cricket match.

This page is the place to come for all the Rickshaw Run news between now and the Run.

Mr Joolz - 01/01/16 14:30

First brush with Disaster

If your life flashing before your eyes is a healthy reminder you're alive then it only took about 6 hours of the Rickshaw Run to invigorate team 'Shake & Bake' in a way they'll never forget.*

Buses > Rickshaws (In case you needed to know)

*Image used with permission of the team

Mr Joolz - 01/01/16 12:30

They're off!

Bleary eyed and still sweating out the beer from the night before the runners hit the road this morning. After a smooth start within a matter of kilometres chaos was restored. Some teams were breaking down and crashing while others took time to chill on a beach.

First breakdown, The engine came loose when a bolt popped. Only made it 10 km
— The Emoji Bus

Mr Joolz - 01/01/16 11:30


They might have no idea where they're going, but at least they look the part. Who said you cant disguise a hangover?

Rosa Earp 31.12.2012


As the sun sets on UK HQ, it's approaching the midnight hour in Cochin. So far, we've had these updates from the ground:

Oh Christ.
— Mr Matt

It's probably going well then.

Regardless of hangovers, the Rickshaw Run January 2016 launches tomorrow. Track it here on the blog, on twitter or our dedicated tracking page. 

Mr Joolz - 31/12/15

Sunit from Team Naan-Stop was born in England. He's never been to India before, but his Indian grandparents spent most of their lives here and begged him not to take part.

Sunit - team Naan-Stop 

Rosa Earp 21.12.2015

The traditional pre-Run Cricket match

I fielded a skimmer with my crotch so I’d consider it a good day overall.”
— Adventurist Dom

Might be what Mr Matt describes as the "unusual cricketing stance." Certainly nothing Wisden's Cricketing Almanac would recodnise.

Dom in action. 

Team Honey Badgers donated a cricket bat signed by the Australian Cricket team to the opposing cricket team. Slightly trumps than our battered metal trophy. 

The traditional pre-Run Cricket match had the traditional outcome: we lost, the local team triumphed. Bravo gents. A bat well earned. 

Rosa Earp 31.12.2015

How was test-driving then?

Give a 6 year old a drum next to a cat being murdered next to a pig that’s just woken up and add a motor. That’s what it’s like to drive a tin can with no shocks.
— Life on the Edge

You can't say they are not dramatic. 

We are ready to go. Mentally ready. Physically ready. Mechanically, not so much. We will figure that out, Later. On the road.
— Caped Boozaiders

Seems like our work here is done. 

Mr Joolz - 30/12/15 13:55

What better way to cross a Subcontinent?

The January pimp jobs are a wonderful mix of sublime and ridiculous.

Mr Joolz - 30/12/15 12:55

News from the parade ground

Team Flying Dutchies have a brand new Rickshaw. Don't be fooled into thinking they're at an advantage though. They've chewed through three engines already.

The first thing from the pimping we expect to fall off is the engine
— Flying Dutchies

Mr Joolz - 30/12/15 12:05

Let Pimping Commence

To get anywhere on the Rickshaw Run, you need to be at one with your rickshaw. You want to make the old girl feel special so she'll return the kindness when the wicket gets sticky. The best way to make your rickshaw know you love her is to decorate her with paint, accessories and flowers. The worst way to make your rickshaw know you love her is to wire in a stereo, lights and airhorn which will inevitably lead to your wiring catching fire.

Mr Joolz - 30/12/15 11:55

Team Juggernaut on of the many teams bringing #RickshawRun to instagram

The January Rickshaw Run launches on January 1st You can follow all the action here on the blog, the tracking map, the Adventurists TwitterInstagram and Facebook, or you can just jump straight to the Live Dashboard.

If you prefer to participate than spectate (or if you like both) there are spaces on the April Run. You can sign up by hitting the big red button.