Rickshaw! Run! - team 'Harvest India' Video

The Rickshaw Run is an all-you-can-eat gluttony of chaos. It's like a roast turkey, followed by a turkey sandwich, followed by curried turkey, only instead of turkey it's just purified chaos.

Actually it's better than that, it's like a Turduken of chaos; only instead of a turkey stuffed with a duck, stuffed with a chicken it's chaos, stuffed with bedlam, stuffed with pandamonium.

Anyway, enough of the dodgy seasonal dinner allegory. Just watch this video of the April Run by team Harvest India. It promises to get your adventure taste buds going.

The January Rickshaw Run launches on January 1st You can follow all the action here on the blog, the tracking map, the Adventurists Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, or you can just jump straight to the Live Dashboard.

If you prefer to participate than spectate (or if you like both) there are spaces on the April Run. You can sign up by hitting the big red button.