The Ice Run in Pictures - Matt Prior

We weren't quite happy with the old Ice Run. It was cold enough, but some of the ice roads and almost roads were a bit too good. Also the locals were just too damned helpful.

So we decided to move it somewhere where that wouldn't be a problem. Somewhere where there were virtually no roads. Or helpful locals. To the biggest, most remote chunk of ice in Siberia. Lake Baikal.

Lake Baikal in winter is more beautiful and deadly than a Ferrarri with a bomb wired to its ignition. These photos by Baikal pioneer Matt Prior illustrate this perfectly.

Despite it being the mildest winter in 60 years, the ice held and the pioneers had a blast. So we're chalking this one down as a success. 

There are still places on the 2016 Ice Run. You can sign up here or find more info on the Ice Run website.

You can find out more about the adventurer, pilot and expedition leader Matt Prior, as well as how to join him on his next expedition over on his website.