Let's talk about April

What are you doing this April? Perhaps you'll wallow in a sofa, inhale the rest of your past-best easter eggs and talk about the weather. Sounds fun. Except you could be doing this. 

What to say? There is nothing like it.
I almost lost my life and I had the best time of my life.
Brilliant, testing, physically and mentally exhausting, thrilling, dirty, lung fucking!
On day one you hit a pothole and the whole team curses. By the end you could fall down a 6ft grave and no-one would notice.

By the end, you could have your back turned to a convoy of trucks blaring their horns and you wouldn’t flinch.
— Alan - Bum's of Anarchy, April '14

Here at Adventurist towers, we've always had a bit of a soft spot for April. Too often overshadowed by her siblings probably because it's really bloody hot.

Sorry April, we're blowing your cover. It's time to talk about the middle-child. Not as obviously good looking as first born January, full of parties and pretty piss-easy roads. Baby August insists on being a little bit longer and likes to throw stormy tantrums.

Meanwhile, the April Run is the Spicy One. She pootles along in the hottest and most slimy season, along some of the roughest roads in some fairly ropey corners. To do the Rickshaw Run in April - that takes some swollen bally bits. 

In April, you'll run from sandstorms in a desert at one end and visit the wettest place on earth at the other. Our April runners have hit Jaipur, Jodhpur, the Taj, Lucknow, Bodgaya, Varanasi, Nepal, and Darjeeling. Our teams have also gotten lost in the middle of bum-fuck nowhere. You might even break down there. Try not to punch yourself in the nose.   

If India is an overweight goddess of plenty, in April you get to loop your arm around her waist and she'll take you out dancing. Every driven at night in Bihar? You can in April. Ever raced a toy train up a mountain? You can do that too. Been chased by bandits? Only if you're really lucky. 

Not trying to blow smoke up your arses but the whole thing was immense, if i could do it again tomorrow i’d be there in a flash
The problem with this ridiculous concept, is that it encourages you to go and do even more ridiculous shit once you’re done.
I came into it expecting to be uncomfortable, tired, dirty, and scared fucking shitless. I was not disappointed.

You are welcome, anonymous feedbackers. 

Still unconvinced? These are the highlights from the 2015 April Run:

We got hit by a Jeep and he drove off with us attatched.
— The Rick Unshaws
We took over an army base.
— Pacemaker Team
Became honorary citizens of Assam
— The Bhunatics
Detained near the Pakistan border.
— The Vagabonders
Were attacked by transvestite bandits.
— 50 Shades of Ghee
Broke through a bandit blockade in Bihar when brakes failed.
— Teen Romanchak Yaar
Shat Pants at Taj Mahal
— Team Disaster
We got into an incident today and my team-mate had to have a foot amputated. Not a problem though, rickshaw is still good and we’re near to Jaipur already. Thankfully the rickshaws only have one pedal too. Anyone about for a Kingfisher?
— Warren

What are you doing with your April? You should probably do this.