Thou Shalt Pimp Thy Rickshaw

Google Rickshaw and you'll be presented with a field of wobbly yellow. Bit bloody boring we reckon. As the 11th commandment probably says, respect thy steed.

Your rick' is yours for as long as we lend it to you. You get to doll it up, name it, shit yourself in it, conceive children in it and anything else you deem acceptable. 

Most of all, that means you get to stamp it with your own design. 

Our teams submit some damn sexy drawings. Our local artists get to work, turning them into reality. This is what happened to the August 2015 edition. 

Here's a before, during and after: 

Get it? Simple. It was rainy and they broke down a lot, but they had their design to see 'em through. 

You can draw it: check out this excellent crayon work from the Adventurepreneurs. We'll take that.

Perhaps you're in a multi-Rick team and want to match? We can handle that too. Helpful to boost your spirit if you need to be towed into the finish line. 

Yeah they did. 


The next Rick we pimp could be yours. You should probably sign up pronto.