Icarus Trophy Round Up

The Pioneer Icarus Trophy may be over but we are having trouble adjusting. Here's the round up of news since since the finish line dissolved to ease us all back into real life. 

Well he looks familiar. Oh - that's right. That's Icarus Trophy Veteran Cayle Royce. 

The Crew meeting Prince Harry last night and Harry called skipper Cayle Royce a "lunatic" for rowing the Atlantic a...

Posted by Row2Recovery on Thursday, November 12, 2015

He's upgraded from hanging with Mr Tom to hobnobbing with Prince Harry.  S'alright for some eh? 

Cayle's the skipper on Team Row2Recovery as they undertake the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge this year. Terrifyingly, The Icarus Trophy was just a warm up. Brilliant stuff, Cayle. 

Well what have we here? A little something our techno monkeys have been working on. Now you can relive the Icarus Trophy tracking. 

It's a little wobbly but definitely one for the wine rack. Check back next year. 

We've spent all this time following the pilots. But we paid less attention to how the support team were holding up. With Shane and Duncan sharing an RV and tracking the pilots from the ground, we hear they had quite the bromance.

He’s very untidy, Rosa. He needs training.
— Duncan Millican on Shane Denherder
It takes maintenance to keep that machine rolling.
— Shane Denherder on Duncan Millican

The real winners are, as ever, the general public. Look at that sexy parking number.

Race Referee Shane Denherder has put a little something together for us. It's only a dirty edit of his Icarus. He pulls some good faces too.

See it here to believe it. 

As the pioneers get back home there's plenty of time to process their journey. And maybe get a few more photos out. 

Missing anything?

I’ve arrived home to find I’ve accidentally acquired a red ozone wing bag...
— Ben Ingram, Icarus Pioneer


All the best stories come to light at the finish line. Uncertain of his girlfriend's approval of a long distance paramotor race, Harry Waugh entered the race hiding in a toilet with a laptop and a credit card. Once accepted, he found he needed to break the news to his fiance. Taking the advice of his engineering colleagues he "solved the problem with logic."  

In this case, that meant an 8 slide homemade powerpoint written after a few glasses of wine. He presented this number around Christmas we're told, using a cricket bat for a pointer.

"I had one of those moments where I just thought what am doing? That was around 'Slide 5: Why am I doing this?' I powered through anyway to Slide 8: Any Questions."

Her reaction? "She sat very quietly for 20 minutes."  Well Harry, if it's any consolation, we give you all the points for effort. Perhaps not much consolation if the wedding gets cancelled. 

A shot from Harry's final flight. "What a trip" he says. 

The Icarus Trophy is over. The finish line camp has packed up and our Icarus Trophy Pioneers are back to conventional flight with the rest of us plebs. The only proof that it wasn't a dream are the lingering particles of red dust in belly buttons and bum cracks.  For something more permanent, they can rely on their memories. And now there's this: written proof of the breakdown of the field at the finish line. 

Perhaps you've read enough and are ready to sign up to 2016? Now's the time. 

The first 10 pilots to sign up will get in for the 2015 entry fee.

If you're in in Europe and in need of some pre-Icarus training have a gander at our European Training partner SkySchool with race referees Alex Ledger and Kester Haynes.

If you're stateside, Team Fly Halo are having training sessions December 4th-13th in Morro Bay run by Shane Denherder, race referee, and Byron Leisek, Icarus Trophy Race Class Pioneer.

For our Aussie chums, David Wainwright, the Race Class winner and High Adventure Paragliding is your port of call.