Icarus Trophy Final Standings - Pioneer Edition

Race Class

1. David Wainwright - 11.19, 14th October 2015 - Day 3
2. Byron Leisek and Ryan Southwell - 18.24 15th October 2015 - Day 4


Adventure Class

14th October 2015 - Day 3
Kristan Fischer 

20th October 2015 - Day 9
James Borges and Jason Taylor - Team Wing It

21st October 2015 - Day 10
Don Mclester
Mr Tom
Karim Ahmad
Harrison Waugh and Edward Hamilton - Team Below Us the States
Cayle Royce
Marcus Deglos
Claire Mackay

22nd October 2015 - Day 11
Hans Sprecher



Race Class: 
Bryan West - equipment failure
Robert Frankham - Injury

Adventure Class:
Toby Osborne - Injury
Jamie Fowler - wingman of Toby Osborne
Ben Ingram - wingman of Bobby Frankham
Matt Cackett - wingman of Bobby Frankham

Did not Start:
Alessandro Mara
Rebecca Muller

The shape of the finish line on the 21st.

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