The Icarus Trophy Trophies - The Race and Adventure Class

It's Day 3.  Two pilots are zeroing in on the finish line. So what are they racing for then?

The first past the post gets to revel in the glory of being first over the line. But this race isn't a level playing field - our vanguard of two, come from different classes.  Here's a response to some questions from our keenest dotwatchers.

What's the difference between Race and Adventure Class?

Race Class pilots fly unsupported: 

  • Race Pilots have to carry everything they need on their backs.
  • They are not allowed to access any support that would not be available to the public. 
  • They cannot progress forward in the race by any other means than flight.
  • They can land where they can safely, but must take off from within 200m of the landing zone. 

To get into the Race Class, our pilots had to undergo interviews and test flights with our Race Team during the qualifier weekend.

At the start-line, we had five pilots in Race Class, David Wainwright, Bryan West, Bobby Frankham, Byron Leisek and Ryan Southwell.

David is the only one who looks set to reach the finish line at Blackhawk Paramotor Ranch on Day 3. An incredible achievement considering he's carrying a 50lb worth of gear - and running for take off. 

Once, David is over the line, his flight data will be scrutinised by the race team.

Adventure Class don't have the same restrictions:

  • Adventure pilots can have their own support teams and crew. 
  • They can make legal road moves, avoiding tricky passes or driving through bad weather. 
  • They can take off anywhere, provided it's safe.

Fisch self-selected into Adventure Class at the start-line. Travelling with his own support van, driven by girlfriend Teddi. She's shadowed his flights on the ground and was carrying spares and supplies. 

As always, the nitty gritty, is less exciting than the reality. The reality is we've got two pilots, both racing to get to the finish line first. Today's going to be a a nail-biter.

David Wainwright, left, with Kristan Fischer. Two finish line pilots on the eve of what looks likely to be the final day of their race.

So what is The Trophy then?

We've got two physical trophies: The Race Class Trophy and for the Adventure Class, one for the Spirit of the Adventure. 

It looks like the Race Class Trophy is set to be decided today. The Spirit of the Adventure trophy, that will be awarded on the 24th. 

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