The Icarus Trophy - The First Pilots Reach the Finish Line


Kristan Fischer and David Wainwright have landed.

Two very different pilots, flying with two very different strategies, yet they made it to Blackhawk Paramotor Ranch within four minutes of each other.  

Kristan Fischer is a veteran adventurer. The "energiser bunny that just won't say die," he is and extreme sport and adventure pro. Under the tutelage of Ryan Shaw of Paradrenalin, he's been training for the past year and clocked about 60 hours in the air. 

David Wainwright is a seasoned paramotor instructor, and owner of High Adventure Paragliding. He prepared for the Icarus by teaching, including training fellow pioneer Claire Mackay. He's been flying with about 65kilos of kit strapped to his body.

Extraordinarily scary. Extraordinarily amazing.
— Kristan Fischer

Fisch followed the same strategy for the last day, that had served him well on day 2. He chose a route over more hilly and remote terrain, taking a bigger risk if his engine had failed. David took a slightly longer line in terms of mileage but giving himself more options if he needed to land in an emergency.

Fisch's feet hit ground first at 11.15PST. He was followed in four minutes by David.

At the startline, Kristan Fischer self-selected into Adventure Class and chose to fly the course supported. That means he gets the pride of reaching the finish line first. As the first pilot in Race Class to finish, David gets the Race Class Trophy. Congratulations to both pilots. 

I’m super stocked to have smashed it so fast. I said at the start I wanted to finish in 2-3 days if the weather was good and that it was! The bar has been set extremely high in the first race of its kind but it isn’t over yet!
— David Wainwright

The finish line shot. These guys nailed it. 

If you think you could be a contender for the crown next year, or want to join the flying hobos in Adventure Class, applications are open for the 2016 Icarus Trophy.

The first 10 pilots to sign up will get in for the 2015 entry fee.

If you don't yet fly, there's still time to learn - Fisch has only been paramotoring for a year. Check out our training partners here.

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