The Story So Far

The Rickshaw Run has been wobbling along for a little more than a week. There have been some near misses and quite a few not-so-near-misses.

Drove down a highway last night in the dark, no high beams no speedo......don’t tell mum.
— Team Eager Beavers
Calling it for the night. Almost ended up being the meat in a truck sandwich a couple of times.
— Hindustani Beaver Company
Day 2 Guruvayor - Thalassery we only got lost once today and we may or may not have hit a motorcycle... No harm no foul. Score 4/5
— Intrepid Brothers
Almost tipped on a super steep hairpin bend, but managed to get back on all three wheels at the last minute.
— The Paneteers
Naan-o-nauts have hit a sign, a kid, a ceiling fan, a cow and a gate at a checkpoint into Goa. We’re coming in Hot!
— Naan-o-nauts

We're sure by 'kid' they mean goat. Fairly sure anyway.

Meanwhile Team Rick-shawshank Redemption have worked out how to do a wheelie:

You need three people in the back, while doing a hill start. Brake on, first gear, full revs, then let them all go at the same time and it’ll rear up
— Rickshaw-shank Redemption

We don't advocate this sort of misbehaviour. Especially if it gets us into trouble.

You can follow the rest of the January Rickshaw Run on the Live Tracking Page. Adventurist Twitter, or right here on the blog.

Team Naan-o-nauts pick up a new team member

An offering to appease the Rickshaw Gods
[Jake Team Angry Birds]

First crash award on Day 1 for Phil from Raj Against the Machine (fortunately no broken bones)

Friendly local kids trying to understand 'golf' with 'Men-go Chutney'. It's certainly not cricket 

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