Aftermath - The Rickshaw Run Party

As you read this please take a moment and spare a thought for the scores of sore heads wandering aimlessly around here in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. The January 2015 Rickshaw Run came to an incredible climax last night with a massive party in the Maharajah's palace - hence the sore heads. Quite a night it was too. The participants made glorious efforts with their costumes and looked wonderful, well mainly wonderful - the sight of Jamey the mechanic's hairy man boobs poking out of his sari wasn't that lovely to be fair. 

Spirits were high as teams forgot their tiredness from the journey and attempted to drown themselves with booze, before gorging themselves on a banquet of Rajasthani fare, and then vomit it all up on the light-up dance floor.

As is customary we like to award teams that completed the Run with that little bit of extra style or finesse, or of course those who we just want to humiliate in public. Awards this time went to a whole range of lovely people:

  • 'Finishing With Style' went to Julie from 'Spreading a Smile' who arrived, and proceeded to down so much rum that she vomited on our finish line stage. Thanks for that.
  • 'Best Pimp' was won by the guys from 'The Naanonauts' who had a marvellous space theme, complete with twinkling stars and rocket boosters. They also wore their astronaut suits the entire way.
  • 'Best Facial Hair' was judged by the crowd and deservedly won by 'The Ginger Beard'. It was impressive that's for sure.
  • 'Best Dressed' went to the shipmates from team 'Shipw'rick'ed who had a lovely piratey theme and looked splendid.
  • 'Old Bastards Award' went to Greg and Gary from 'Team Wanderlust' for showing great spirit and proving that age is no barrier for adventure.
  • 'Least Likely to Make it' went to the ladies from 'Tuk on the Bright Side', who were so incredibly nervous at the start that I thought they might drive the whole way with brown pants.
  • 'Spirit of the Run' went to the marvellous 'Eat, Sleep, Rickshaw Repeat' who were a bundle of joy and even spent the whole day making a cardboard rickshaw to 'drive' around the party.
  • 'Special Mention' went to the 'Beerates' for having a great attitude, and particularly for a wonderful artistic depiction of the finish line by Arki which was donated to the palace.

And lastly but by no means means leastly...

  • 'Most Charity Money Raised' went to the fantastic ladies of team 'Ladies Luck' who have so far raised an impressive £2945 for Cool Earth. Great work.

After the awards was a firework display like no other seen here in Jaisalmer, and then came the dancing. Oh, how they danced. The dance floor was throbbing with sweaty bodies until way into the night, and things escalated quickly. Time for a fast getaway. As I lay in bed with booming music making my windows vibrate I imagined the chaos unfolding back in the garden and smiled to myself, smug in the knowledge of my warm and safe duvet, blissfully unaware of all those semi-naked men gyrating to Bollywood tunes.

Another successful Run, and a very highly spirited group happy.

Thanks to everyone involved. You know who you are.