The Cool Earth 1000 Club

You want to win a trip to Peru, right?

Cool Earth are taking a team of Adventurist Fundraisers to the jungles of Peru to enjoy the hospitality of the awesome Ashaninka people there. 

They're picking a winner at random from Adventurist teams who have raised over £1000 for Cool Earth. These are the teams in the running so far:

Rickshaw Run April 2014

Manxies On the Rickshaw Run
Team Altered Beast
A Rick Called Astley

Mongol Rally 2014

Mongol Madmen 
Running Salted Fish
Haggis and Spud
Team Lotte Tarp Expedition
The Lion Rampant
Just In Time
Disco Pirates
Fox Force Five
Terminally Beef Witted
No Direction
Of Micras and Men
Dick Dastardly And Muttley
Rust & Dust
The Monglineers
Goat Blower
An Adventure With Doris
London Mongolia Limo Service
Ulan Gators
Mongol Vikings

Mongol Derby 2014

Wendy Chung
Claudia Vicente

Rickshaw Run August 2014

Tukkin Excited
Rickshaw Run Through India
Reservoir Slumdogs
Iron Horse 2014
Sun & Vino

Mototaxi Junket 2014

Quixote y Quixote
Team Unicon
Team Macho Piccu
3 Tired Travellers
Batholomew Dukes

Rickshaw Run January 2015

Intrepid Brothers
Eat Sleep Rickshaw Repeat
Rickshaw-Shank Redemption
I'll have the dal
Bangalore Bandits
Shipw'rick'ed Cove
Tuks away 
The Savile Rovers
Ladies Luck
Aussie Allrounders
Dumb as Tuk
The Bombay Bad Boys

There's still time to get your team on the list. If you're on an eligible adventure you've got until September 2nd to raise £1000 for Cool Earth.

For more information about the competition rules and prize check out the Cool Earth Leaderboard page.