Rickshaw Run - First Team In

 The prize for finishing first? Being alone in the Maharajas Palace with Mr Matt.         Sorry girls.

We have an un-winner. The lovely ladies of team 'Spreading a Smile' pipped the post just before sunset on the 11th January.

The mother and two daughter team had their fair share of tales from the road, and thankfully managed to do everything right - as in owning a lonely planet guide but not opening it until they reached Jaisalmer - and only then to find the location of the finish line.

Highlights of their trip include mum shitting herself in an extremely embarrassing fashion (thank goodness for tight leggings), them accidentally tearing the roof off of somebody's house (sorted with a head wobble and a smile) and a ridiculous mountain road journey that involved mum Julie burying her head in fear, Suki (daughter #1) vomiting out of the side of the rickshaw whilst daughter #2 (Stevie) feeling like she was driving in the sky.

A mixed bag of emotions there then. Quote from the team: "it's all been a highlight really". Good stuff.

A few more teams have dribbled over the finish line today - but there's still a hell of a lot still out there on the road - somewhere or the other...

You can follow the remainder of the January Rickshaw Run on the Live Tracking Page. Adventurist Twitter, or right here on the blog.