Mongol Rally Limo Service

Limousines are shit. They're crap at turning corners, have terrible ground clearance and are difficult to park. While parking isn't usually a problem driving through a desert, the lack of ground clearance is a big issue. This is why we've let this one on the Mongol Rally. What makes it even better is the fact that it's a mid 90s Rover.

Built at a time when British Engineering was fucking terrible, a luxury car made by a company who could barely build a bicycle is a brilliant idea. The fact that it's over 20 foot long means that there's an extra 10 foot of Rover to go wrong too. When you throw in unnecessary complications like soft air suspension it's a recipe for glory.

Dom, Steve, Ollie and Jack make up team 'London Mongolia  Limo Service'. While the extra leg room might've made them smug at the launch, the smiles were wiped from their faces when they faced the ramp at Battersea Park. A tactical retreat preserved their underbelly if not their pride and they set off for Mongolia.

It's safe to assume this was the first time a Rover Limo took to the desert of Turkmenistan and from the team's blog it's easy to see why. Hat's off to the boys for persevering though, despite breaking two drive shafts, two tow hooks, three jacks and a hell of a lot of tyres they limped out of Turkmenistan after a 12 hour tow, narrowly avoiding overstaying their visas.

The limo proved irresistible to a passing snake who hitched a ride not to be seen since. There was a rumour the snake might be a 'Caspian Cobra' which is described in Wikpedia a bit like this: "The Caspian Cobra is the most poisonous cobra in the world. It is 2m long, can swim, climb trees and drill like a corkscrew directly into the earth. It can mate asexually by splitting in two. By biting the back of your head, the Caspian Cobra is able to hijack your brain stem and animate your body, walking you back to its lair so that it can utilise your handy opposable thumb to craft charming snake furniture before it devours you as you lie in a fully conscious state of total paralysis."

Brings a new meaning to the phrase 'get stuck in'

Despite the high-tech air conditioning the boys had to paint the car roof white in a effort to cool it down in the blistering desert sun.

They reached Ulaanbaatar as heroes on the 3rd September. A large round of applause from us at Adventurist HQ to The Mongol Rally Limo Service and to all the teams who helped them. They are now in the process of limping home, this time assisted by the glorious M53 'motorway'.