Shots from the Steppe

Once you've driven across Mongolia it's not easy to leave. Not just because you tend to break down a lot. This is a set of photos by 2011 veteran Patrick Coleman who shot the Rally while crossing Mongolia on motorbike.

Raging Yak in their 1964 Fiat 600

The Baatarnators & Why Not Team - Fiat Stilo & Nissan Micra

The Baatarnators

12 Steppe Programme - Hyundai Atoz

Team 138 (Team 2) - 1986 Mini Mayfair

Chris from Team 138 (Team 2) with his Mini

Team 138s chasing their convoy across the steppe

Ralliers from teams Yolo Polo, Dragon Wagon & Marco Polover relaxing next to the Yolo Polo

South Afristans - Subaru E12

Eddie's Delicious Ice Cream - 1989 Renault 5

If you've got the balls, you should probably sign up for the 2015 Rally. Now seems like a pretty good time.