No man left behind

What do you do if your Tajik visa is running out and your team photographer is down with a serious cock infection? Leave him in a good hospital with instructions to meet you in Kyrgyzstan? Wait attentively by his sick-bed, feeding him grapes while planning a watered-down detour?

Not so for Mongol Rally team Rust and Dust. When their  team-mate, Tommaso started pissing blood in the Central Asian Republic Stefano and Giovanni did what any hard core Adventurist would do. They Kept Buggering On.

This is Giovanni's account of what happened:

"In Samarkad Tommy was having a hard time because he was pissing blood (a little bit, not litres) and was running a bit of fever. By Dushanbe things had got worse and we went to a horrible farce of a hospital. There he was given enough antibiotics and anti-everything-else for an army then sent away.
Unfortunately our Tajikistan visa was ticking and we still hadn’t done the Pamir Highway. There was no way we’d come this far and miss it out.
That night Stefano and I were woken by Tommy at around 2:00 am. He was spiking a fever above 41° C, was ranting and raving, almost fainting and basically begging us to take him to a hospital.
We refused because it was too far away and a stupid idea, instead we put him in the tub and showered him with cold water. Both of us have seen a lot of episodes of House, MD.
We didn't kill him (I guess by sheer luck) and the fever dropped. At 4 am we sent him back to sleep. The next day his temperature was only 39°C.
The next day (less than 30 hours after the bath) we put him in the back seat and drove off to the Pamir. I clearly remember him saying that we were torturing him, but we could not lose any more time or we wouldn’t have made it in time.
Tommy took the picture of us on the bridge still feverish from the dick infection (he didn't want to get out of the car, but we made him do it)."

It's bloody lucky Tommy didn't die, apart from all the paperwork we wouldn't have these kick-arse photos.