Prometheus Medics Race Diary - Day 3

Day 3 of the Derby was arguably the toughest yet. This blog is from the second medic car.

Late last night we received a message from HQ that two riders had come into the horse station behind us after dark, feeling unwell with suspected dehydration. We set our alarms for 0600 to make our way back to the riders to assess them. The riders were both significantly dehydrated and received IV fluids but, despite a significant improvement in their condition, they decided to pull out of the race.

station 5.jpg

The rest of the day saw us dodging a number of large storms as we made our way from horse station 5 through to 10, each leg being approximately 35km, and we have finally set up camp in a beautiful location next to a river. Upon arrival we were shown to another rider complaining of symptoms suggestive of a urinary tract infection; he will be treated over the course of the evening and reassessed in the morning.

The challenge for the medic crews now is to maintain an acceptable response time for any SOS medical call whilst the field of riders continues to spread. Medic 1 is a couple of horse stations behind us now with the leaders 1 station ahead of us. 

Another early start for all tomorrow and more than likely a few more patients to see...

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