Prometheus Medics Race Diary - Day 2

The next instalment of the eagerly-anticipated Prometheus Medics Diary is here. Today's post is brought to you by Sarah Low.

Last night saw us at horse station two - a very windy and dusty evening sorting kit and getting bedded down for the night. Many of the riders were stiff and sore; some with minor injuries and abrasions but pretty much all sorted with advice, plus / minus simple analgesia. 

Everyone looked pretty well rested in the morning and we broke camp to a little music – unintentionally, but very appropriately, ‘Dust in the Wind’ (Kansas) and ‘Wild Horses’ (Rolling Stones). Awesome stuff. Just before leaving we received an alert that a riderless horse had just come back into the station; the rider was found soon after, uninjured and in good spirits. 

 Wakey wakey

Wakey wakey

Horse station three sadly saw the first retirement from the derby, as well as another rider who had been kicked in the face quite hard, luckily no treatment was required apart from a little advice.

Around lunchtime, a rider at horse station four raised concerns for a fellow rider looking pale and unwell. After eating and resting he made a good recovery and saddled up for the next leg. Even though we have not had any significant injuries so far, being able to keep an eye on problems arising, and ‘nip things in the bud’ is an essential part of what the medical team does. 

Our progress between stations is remarkably swift thanks to our awesome driver – he is expert at negotiating the difficult terrain quickly and efficiently, but if we do ‘get air’ and hit the steppe hard he apologises in English with a mischievous laugh. All this whilst I try and prevent the half ton of (apparently) morale boosting ‘choco pies’ that we seem to be laden with (Deb!!) becoming projectile towards myself and our interpreter.

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