Where's the Ferrari?

We've been getting some questions about the whereabouts of the infamous Marcus.

To cut a long story short, he's broken down in Georgia, and is waiting in Tbilisi for his car to be fixed.

If you're not sure what you're looking at here, try comparing the two sides of the engine. Also notice the large hammer, which may or may not be a precision Ferrari tool. Marcus had a more precise description:

"It turns out the timing belts are air-cooled, and the intake is directly underneath the car, and doesn't have a filter - so if you're driving down an untarmacked dusty dirty gritty mountain road, it'll suck all that dust and grit straight into the timing belts." 

So it would seem like the car 'least likely to make it' is living up to its award, for now. Mr. Deglos has other ideas though - he's waiting on new parts being shipped to him, and a fair amount of mechanical refurbishment on his engine.

Once those are done he'll be "flooring it onwards to catch up" (legally of course), but he hasn't hit the really rough stuff yet. That is, if he even leaves Georgia - his parts were originally going to the state of Georgia, USA.

Will he make it? Feel free to vote in the comments, but be prepared to be wrong.