The Ulan Gators and their Ford Friends

We've seen some good fundraising deals in our time, but this one is right up there.

The Ulan Gators, and their little Ford Fiesta, have convinced Ford to actually give them money. That's right, a giant multigazillion dollar (pound, sorry) company is actually giving out money for Cool Earth.

It's almost free, as well. Almost.

 So easy, my Gran could do it. Maybe.

So easy, my Gran could do it. Maybe.

All you have to do is share one of their blog posts, or copy the URL. They're in German, but you can translate the page with Google. One share equals one Euro, and they've already raised over €1000 for the rainforest.

Either copy the link from wherever you saw it posted, or click the share button at the bottom of each post. For once, we're asking you to do something easy.

Meanwhile, the Gators are on their jolly old way to Irkutsk, where they hope to find more glorious WiFI. They don't seem too hot on the navigation though - when I asked, they said they were "somewhere in Siberia".

For for the non-geographically inclined this is about the same as me saying I'm 'somewhere in Europe'. Luckily, we can track them here, if they remember to update the map.