Rickshaw Run Test Driving

 A master at work

A master at work

The brand new August Rickshaw Run is even blummin' longer. We've given the teams an extra few days to properly immerse themselves ball deep in everything India has to offer. Which may or may not include a lot of rain.

Knowing that they face two weeks of damp uncertainty in a vehicle not known for its protection from the elements the teams are surprisingly chipper. And a touch nervous.


We interviewed a few of the teams to find out what they were most worried about:

I’m worried about getting seriously ill and shitting myself. Do I literally just shit outside the rickshaw whilst driving along?
— Guy - Bangalorious
I’m a little worried about people not seeing the rickshaw, driving is the least of my concerns
— Ricky R - Arthur
Getting robbed is probably the worst thing I’m worried about

Test driving is a good opportunity to add last minute decorations to your rickshaw, speak to our crack team of mechanics and of course practice driving. What most teams end up doing though is buying pointless crap to take with them. There's nothing like retail therapy to hide panic is there?

Whizzing around the compound and hit the corner a bit too tight and flipped up.

Nothing to bad only a 8 by 4 cm zigzag gash on my right foot from the big toe to the little toe.

I’m doing the rickshaw run for a bit of a giggle and kind of for the hell of it. Might end up regretting it though

I’m a big girl and the worst part was when they pulled of the dressing as I have hairy feet.

Its one of those things but I’ve just got to man the fuck up really.
— Stuart - Ghost Busters

To celebrate the first ever August Run we kidnapped a genuine Formula 1 pit lane mechanic to help tune our fleet of rust-mobiles. Any Runners expecting their rickshaws to perform like a McLaren were apparently somewhat disappointed, but the whole fleet did at least start off in a presentable condition. At least until the crashes started. The most notable was Stuart from Ghost Busters who rolled his rick impaling his foot.

While Suart was receiving treatment and sympathy our F1 Mechanic Rick set the teams to some pit stop training.