Prometheus Medics Race Diary - Day 1

Some highlights from medics Deborah Swann, Sheila Loughman and James Hubbard

Day 1 of the Mongol Derby 2014 has started with a first; all of the riders were at the start line and got away in true style. 

Despite a party last night with traditional Mongolian entertainment and the head herder making everyone drink cup-fulls of vodka, most people were bright and cheery this morning. That said, the medical team have been busy dishing out painkillers to the riders and crew who partied a little too hard last night.

For Medic 2 (Sheila and James) the first patient to present themselves to us were not any of the riders or crew but a number of Mongolian herders. This presents a dilemma for us. The equipment and medications we carry are primarily for the riders and we only carry a limited supply of most primary care items.

However, when a local herder presents with a hand he is unable to use due to suspected cellulitis we can hardly say no, and after an examination and consultation, with the assistance of our excellent interpreter, he was happy to receive a course of antibiotics and some advice.

The riders pushed on throughout the afternoon with most reaching horse station 3, nearly 100km from the start before nightfall. It is here that a few of the crew decided to set up camp for the night. The location is very exposed and the wind is starting to pick up, we might be in for a stormy night!

After a day of getting into the swing of satellite comms, spot trackers and navigation, all that is left is to connect the BGAN to send back this blog entry and have a wet wipe shower before bed.


Also, as a little morale booster for the riders, we have dished out our supplies of Choco Pies. Choco Pies are Mongolia’s answer to Wagon Wheels. Imagine two pieces of cardboard with floor adhesive between them, covered with what can loosely be described as ‘chocolate’ and you have your Choco Pie.

Having said this, they are surprisingly good in the middle of the Mongolian Steppe.

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