Greasy Men Save the Rainforest

Some people here at HQ love to watch oiled men roll around on each other. Particularly Mr Joolz.

That said, we love it even more if they also raise lots of lovely money for our friends at Cool Earth. These guys have done just that, in traditional Turkish style.

Kenneth and Graham of Team Hippo were pledged $825 (that's around £500 in real money) by their loyal sponsoring friends, to have a go at some Turkish oil wrestling. And they did, quite literally throwing themselves at the challenge.

Their lubricated writhing has saved at least 8 acres of impenetrable rainforest, perfect for adventuring types like us. In their words:

"They invited us inside the stadium to wrestle with them! It is like playing baseball in the Yankee Stadium! FYI, both Graham and myself (Kenneth) have no experience in wrestling at all. Then all of a sudden a TV crew from AHBR showed up and we were on Turkish television... 
It is our utmost honor to be able to wrestle on the sacred field of Kırkpınar stadium. Teşekkür Ederim (Thank You)!"

You can visit their FUNraiser to donate some pictures of the Queen, and read the rest of their post here.