Mongol Rally 2 weeks down

The 2014 Mongol Rally has been rolling east for more than two weeks now. and one thing has become clear. The return to the glorious old rust-buckets of yesteryear has paid dividends. Ralliers are breaking down like never before. 

Though it's not just the old classics which are breaking down. It seems the more modern cars are breaking down too. Perhaps they just don't want to be left out?

These are the latest incidents the rally has jumped out at teams and given them a hefty kick in the nuts.

The 4 Wheelies: Into the Danger Zone

This car wants to be in Australia. Or maybe it's just upside-down.

 Please Turn Over

Please Turn Over

Team Meow Meow

Hats off to Craig for accidentally putting his foot through the windscreen. At least it'll improve the ventilation.

Eddie's Delicious Ice Creams

The boys in the antique ice cream van have been beset by mechanical issues. The latest of which has been a repeatedly rupturing head gasket leading to water in the engine. Sadly they got rid of the freezer before they left so they've not even got ice-cream to keep them cool while they wait for repairs.

Le Freye Pouli

Enrico and team have also been suffering a few issues. The mechanic they found suggested removing this box with the two blue wires. He reasoned that he didn't know what it did so it probably wasn't important.

Ulan Gators

Also visiting the mechanic shop are team Ulan Gators, fortunately only an exhaust problem in this case.

Team Ulaan Gators mourning the loss of their exhaust

Spontaneous Khanbustions

This car has either a really good turning circle or a bit of a bent rod.

Spontaneous Khanbustions - unfortunate incident in Turkmenistan

Micra Management

Apparently they were there for 12 hours... At least they found some shade.

 Team Micra Management - Broken down in the desert

Team Micra Management - Broken down in the desert

The Argonaughts Return!

We've said it before ad we'll say it again - we love this car. Not so sure if these two love it as much though. By the looks of things, the roads don't love it either.

 The Argonaughts Return - spending more time under their car than behind the wheel

The Argonaughts Return - spending more time under their car than behind the wheel

Mongol Mariachis

It's just a flesh wound. Hopefully the bus looked worse, although somehow that seems unlikely.

Mongol Mariachis - It was the bus' fault

Remember you can track the teams live on our shiny new tracking map.