Mongol Derby Launches Wednesday

At 7am Wednesday morning, the 5th Mongol Derby will launch. This is the biggest ever Derby both in terms of number of riders and the level of experience in the saddle.

 The 2014 course

The 2014 course

Many of the riders have been training for this for a year, some for even longer. The wisest have been taking advice from Derby endurance guru Maggie Pattinson or previous Derby veterans. 

Some of the larger riders have not only been navigational and endurance training but have also been battling to keep below race weight limit.

Over the weekend the riders have been in Ulaanbaatar being weighed up and introduced to the vets and medics. They have been schooled in using the Spot Trackers and given the course on their GPS units. Now that the important information about rider tech and the penalty system is all out of the way the next step is meeting the horses.

How to follow the Race

Tracking Map - The main place to follow the race is the Live Tracking Map, plugged in to the rider spot trackers and blogs it picks up their locations and any messages they share.

Twitter - During the race the Derby Ops Room will be tweeting updates as they are being reported from the course @MongolDerbyLive.

Derby Blog - Here on the Adventurist Blog each day of the race we will be posting a race report, the AST Photo of the Day, the official leaderboard and the Prometheus medics report.

Facebook - Read all the updates and chat with the other derby followers on the Derby Facebook page.