501 Miles in a Pedalo

It sounds like one of our adventures, but it isn't.

A few weeks ago, Mr. Buddy got all excitable, as he does, and told us how his brother-in-law was going to do something marvellously silly.

On Sunday, four entirely unsuitable people completed their 501 mile journey, in a glorified pedalo, for Cancer Research UK. 

Their original aim was to paddle (or pedal?) around the Scottish coast, starting by going along the lochs and firths which run from coast to coast. But as they got out of those, the winds picked up and the weather forced them to change plans, circumnavigating Loch Ness a few times instead to rack up the miles.

That said, you can't argue it was appropriate, for a Nessie-shaped pedalo.

Once again, soggy hats are tipped in your general direction.

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You can also visit their website, Facebook and Twitter.