The Graveyard

It's an ever changing beast - the graveyard of champions and broken cars.

The Mongol Rally finish line is like a museum to the teams' fabled journeys. Mementos and trinkets picked up from the road are added to it daily. The pile of various skulls on the stage that teams have gathered from the roadside is an oddity which adds to the character - after all, it is a graveyard.

The cars sit there, forlorn, dusty, broken and yet somehow gleaming with pride at their mammoth achievement. Some of them have lost their very insides, or sit, wonky on broken axles.

The stage has a sticky residue of sprayed cheap champagne from teams arrivals. There's even a gym made of tyres and the like. It's all rather surreal. As teams blast or crawl over the line they're greeted with musical delights that range from 'Ride of the Valkyries' to some impressive Mongolian hip-hop.

They are then greeted by a lady in traditional dress who presents them with golden bowls of Arkhi - distilled fermented horse milk. Their reactions range from delighted to confused - usually in equal measure. 

It is a strange, wonderful, metamorphic place that fries your brain, dusts your lungs and creates heroes of men and women alike. But with only half the teams having arrived so far - it's also likely to be a very busy place in the next week. Exciting times are ahead.